Insurance Strategies Critical for Owner-Manager Planning

Small business forms the backbone of the Canadian economy, yet only a minority of businesses successfully pass to new owners. Sophisticated strategies are needed to ensure greater success in the transition of business ownership.

Extend Your Expertise and Grow Your Business Preparing T3 Returns

Income earned by an estate during any tax year must be reported as a T3 return. Knowledge Bureau’s new T3 Basic Tax Preparation course will help students learn who should file a T3 return, as well as when and how best to file it. The course also introduces the types of trusts that may be created in Canada and how each of them is taxed.

In November, Kelowna will be the spot to mingle with financial services excellence

Have you marked your calendar yet to attend the fourteenth Annual Distinguished Advisor Conference (DAC)? With the Canadian dollar being so low, there never has been a better time to jet off to British Columbia than now. And that’s especially important when you’re looking to stretch your professional development budget.

The Distinguished Advisor Conference: The best professional development investment of 2017

What’s the top reason you should invest your time and money to attend the Distinguished Advisor Conference (DAC) in Kelowna, November 5-8?

Business continuity: An important discussion at the Distinguished Advisor Workshop

As business owners age and approach retirement, they become increasingly concerned with setting up a proper business succession plan. They often know it’s an important issue that requires expert advice, but not many know how to start the conversation. 

Real Wealth Management: The key to sustaining family wealth

The Boomers are the wealthiest generation in Canada’s history. And as such, they have complex financial problems that require the expertise of a highly skilled financial advisor.

Financial Trivia Contest: Another chance to win a free registration to DAC!

Try our trivia question and get in on a chance to win a free registration to the Distinguished Advisor Conference (DAC) in the spectacular wine country of BC. Meet Canada’s top advisors and reflect with them on this year’s theme, Canada 150: Financial Advice at the Crossroads of Change.
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