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Call us to help you develop a certificate educational program that develops the skills of your advisors in a manner aligned to your unique value proposition in your marketplace.

We understand the link between marketing and the bottom line and what you have to do to help your sales forces distinguish themselves and maximize all the resources you have available internally to do so.

For more information contact:
Private Client Services, Attention: The Registrar
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It is a real pleasure to work with you. Your programs are the best in class!

Jill McAlpine, FCA, TEP

This is far the most exciting and motivating course I have ever taken. There is a wealth of material to learn from. The quizzes were interesting but what I truly enjoyed were the hands-on case studies and exams. The course is challenging but it is very well written and explained. I loved the fact that there are tips for the case studies and that you can download and compare the results.

Maria Cannizzaro, Montreal

This is definitely the meat-and-potatoes of the financial world.

Paul Gates, Winnipeg