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Categories: Tax Planning

Your Instructors: Evelyn Jacks, Walter Harder

PROGRAM: Tax Services Specialist

Tax preparation is always timely, as it is the taxpayer's legal right and duty to file a tax return for the entire family to the best benefit of the unit as a whole. But from a tax and financial planner's point of view, it is critical to know the mechanics of tax preparation as a prerequisite to tax efficient financial planning. If you don't know tax, you're missing double digit returns in your plans for real wealth management with your clients.


This course introduces a proven process for consistently accurate T1 tax preparation services with a professional client interview and documentation management system, as well as a thorough understanding of tax preparation for the five anchor profiles upon which every personal tax return is based:

  • credit filing,
  • employees,
  • families and children,
  • investors and
  • seniors.

The course is perfect for new owner-managers who require a train-the-trainer manual, as well as new entrants into the tax preparation market including new seasonal staff in a busy tax accounting office. The course will train your staff on tax preparation services and includes the latest tax changes. Professional tax preparation and research software (student version) is included as one of the course components.

CERTIFIED SKILLSETS:  The student will be exposed to a broad range of personal income tax topics in common scenarios, each featuring short answer and true-to-life case studies which overview the basic elements of the tax return and the details behind claiming income, deductions and tax credits on most lines of the personal tax return. The student will be able to competently prepare basic personal tax returns.


The student prepares case studies using the income tax software of their choice and researches tax questions using EverGreen Explanatory Notes. For students who don't have their own software, student versions of ProFile, DRTax, and TaxCycle T1 software are available for download.


Students will also use the following calculator from the Knowledge Bureau Toolkit to explore true-to-life scenarios for 2019:

  • The Income Tax Estimator.


Quizzes 25%
Case Studies 50%
Final Exam 25%
Passing Grade 60%
Honours Achievement 90%


A mark of 60% is required to pass the course. All students who pass the course will receive a certificate. Students who receive a mark of 90% or better will receive a gold Honours bar on their certificate.

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Table of Contents

Part 1:
Professional Tax Preparation
Chapter 1 :
Introduction to Income Taxation in Canada
Chapter 2:
Using Software to Prepare the Return
Chapter 3:
Filing the Return
Part 2:
Common Tax Profiles
Chapter 4:
Low Income and Credit Filers
Chapter 5:
Reporting Employment Income
Chapter 6:
Claiming Employment Deductions
Chapter 7:
Families and Children
Chapter 8:
Reporting Investment Income
Chapter 9:
Chapter 10:
New for 2019 and Beyond

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What Graduates Say

I would definitely recommend this to a friend; it was most interesting and helpful…I now have a broad understanding of the different filers and have learned how to fill out returns in each category. Heather Ferrier, Kearney, ON
Well planned, well delivered, and thought provoking. The Course content is excellent. All aspects covered are certainly used in the Tax Preparation Industry. The text was also well written which made study a pleasure. I feel that the knowledge I gained will be beneficial to my employer, and to the firm I work for. The self study process let me dig in at a pace I can fit into my day and around my family and work environment. Online testing makes this possible which I love. Student support was excellent. I did have the odd question here and there, and I was very pleased with the speed to which a response came. This is the sign of a top notch education supplier! The value to the learning experience is excellent. The depth of information, although this is just an introductory course was right on track with the industry. I did not feel that any of the information I learned would not be of use, and in fact, it made me want to learn more! As well the questions were not too easy, you had to think through them as you entered into the case study work. This is very much the mindset that is needed to work in the Tax Preparation Industry. Every return is like a puzzle to solve. Karen S., SK
Very thorough information. I thought the case studies were very typical of the majority of our tax prep business. They were well presented with just enough complexity thrown in to be a little challenging… Phyllis M., MB
An open book approach is great for learning. It helped me to go back and review the materials over again so that I could get the right answers on the quiz but it also provided a good understanding of all the material. I think this course has been very helpful and will enable me to start my first year of T1s with my company in a much more effective way. Bryce W., AB