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Managerial Accounting

Bookkeeping and Accounting

By: John Granelli

Managerial Accounting

PROGRAM: Bookkeeping Services Specialist

It is one thing to properly keep books, using a double entry system. It is quite another to use that financial information to enable a business to meet its financial goals and make better management decisions throughout the year. Students who have completed Basic Bookkeeping for Small Businesses and others will be delighted with this course, which instructs the student on use of information within bookkeeping systems to assist business owners and their advisors to make business decisions.


This course in the Certified Bookkeeping Specialist designation program provides specific skillsets to assist the professional bookkeepers working in a business environment to develop financial reports that enable business decisions.

CERTIFIED SKILLSETS: The participant will understand the role and functions of internal and external accountants involved in managerial accounting, how to format account analysis, how to record and analyze transactions around fixed asset acquisitions and dispositions, basic budgeting components, assumptions, forecasts and formats, sales budgeting, cash flow budgeting, the basics of cost accounting, periodic management on a monthly and annual basis featuring Simply Accounting or QuickBooks software.

Using online demonstrations linked to the topics in each chapter, the participant will learn how to use Simply Accounting or QuickBooks as a tool for extracting, analyzing, formatting and reporting information to management for making business decisions.

PRACTICE MANAGEMENT THESIS:  Formal Case Study. The student will apply the knowledge gained in the course to prepare a budget for a sample company.



  • Simply Accounting by Sage Premium – Student Version
  • QuickBooks Premier 2011 by Intuit – Student Version


Quizzes 25%
Case Studies 50%
Final Exam 25%
Passing Grade 60%
Honours Achievement 90%


CE Credits

CE Credits
Knowledge Bureau 30 CPE credits
IPBC 30 CE credits
PBA 30 CPE credits

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
The Role of the Management Accountant
Chapter 2:
Basic Account Analysis
Chapter 3:
Introduction to Cost Accounting
Chapter 4:
Budgeting Basics
Chapter 5:
Fixed Assets and Capital Budgeting
Chapter 6:
The Sales/Production Budget
Chapter 7:
Other Budget Items
Chapter 8:
Cash Flow Budgeting
Chapter 9:
Periodic Management Accounting Functions

What Graduates Say

This one is a challenge but it is a good challenge! The PMT and the final exam really make you work to achieve results that you can be proud of. Ruby K., BC
The course provided excellent content, well planned out and presented. The case studies were very useful, and I thoroughly enjoyed completing them as I could relate this information to client quite clearly. The exam was very well thought out. Everything I learned can be applied in my work environment. Karen S., SK
I liked the course setup and found all information online easily and quickly. I would recommend this to other bookkeepers who work for a large corporation or retail industry. Kim A., BC