Accounting for Multiple Business Profiles

Knowledge Bureau Certificate Courses

Categories: Bookkeeping and Accounting

Your Instructors: Evelyn Jacks

PROGRAM:  Bookkeeping Services Specialist, Business Services Specialist

Using the features of SAGE 50 and Intuit Quickbooks Desktop, learn advanced bookkeeping for a variety of business profiles.


The student will learn to manage the bookkeeping functions for a variety of companies, using all the modules of the program (with the exception of Payroll) to deliver financial results for the most simple to a complex company. The student’s skillsets will move beyond basic data entry of daily transactions to create a complete set of books for a variety of businesses while understanding the features of SAGE 50 and Intuit Quickbooks Desktop to do so.  Current GST/HST rates and reporting are included.

CERTIFIED SKILLSETS: This course provides further insight to:

  • structure chart of accounts to meet the needs of company management in a variety of profiles;
  • produce a wide variety of financial reports understanding how to use the tools provided to set up, manage and report on accounts receivable,  accounts payable, and inventory;
  • understand how accounts are linked and how linking can utilize the powers of the system to increase productivity;
  • learn how to prepare a bank reconciliation using the automated utility program;
  • learn the procedures involved in maintaining the general ledger and related sub-ledgers;
  • become familiar with special reports pre-established in SAGE 50 and Intuit Quickbooks Desktop and formatting options;
  • utilize the various miscellaneous tools provided in SAGE 50 and Intuit Quickbooks Desktop by Sage.



Quizzes 50%
Case Studies 25%
Final Exam 25%
Passing Grade 60%
Honours Achievement 90%


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Commonalities of bookkeeping for various business enterprises
Chapter 2:
Advanced Sales Tax Issues
Chapter 3:
Partnerships and Joint Ventures
Chapter 4:
Chapter 5:
Retail Outlets
Chapter 6:
Importers / Exporters
Chapter 7:
Agricultural Businesses
Chapter 8:
Chapter 9:
Other Business Profiles
Chapter 10:
Not for Profits
Chapter 11:
Introduction to Advanced Business Issues

What Graduates Say

"The course gives you some insight into the unusual aspects of each industry - things that aren't normally taught in school & you wouldn't learn until you had to work in the industries.... It's great to get an introduction to different fields BEFORE you start working on them." Susan D, MB
"Everything so far has had value to it. These studies have added to my knowledge and skills and I have put this knowledge to use immediately for our clients or I gained new skills which has given me the opportunity to expand our services." William S., ON
"Even though you think you know a lot, this course humbled me. Very, very good questions which broadened my knowledge." Maria C., PQ