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Debt and Cash Flow Management

Investment & Retirement

By: Stephanie Holmes-Winton

Debt and Cash Flow Management

PROGRAM: Investment and Retirement Services Specialist

This course is designed especially for financial advisors who want to specialize in helping clients develop strong personal net worth statements by managing debt and establishing a savings process.


Debt is a large problem in many households. Wealth advisors need to see where the debt lies, how to help the client use debt in a healthy manner in order to accumulate, grow and preserve wealth.


This course focuses on the relationship an advisor has with a client who is contemplating taking on debt or is struggling with debt. The student will learn how to help the client set realistic expectations, prepare sample client service agreements, identify actions the client must focus on, discuss back up plans for short-term changes and help the client keep on track.


The student will know how to:

  • Integrate debt & cash flow data collection in to traditional planning approach.
  • Determine the types of debt and the facts about that debt which need to be collected.
  • How to manage credit as part of a financial plan and determine how the different types of debt can impact credit scores.
  • The effects of credit on a client's financial agility.
  • How to assess probable credit worthiness prior to referring to lending professionals.
  • Work with home owners to determine risk of amortizations over 25 years, and identify what's best – fixed vs. variable rates, determine down payments, appropriate use of personal loans, when consolidation loans make sense.
  • Construct a cash flow management plan.
  • How to include All-In-One's as part of the financial review process.
  • How to reduce client exposure to the real risks of increasing interest rates.



Quizzes 50%
Case Studies 25%
Final Exam 25%
Passing Grade 60%
Honours Achievement 90%


CE Credits

CE Credits
Knowledge Bureau 30 CPE credits
IPBC 30 CE credits
PBA 30 CPE credits
AIC 33668 - LC - 15 hours
ICM 18308 - LC/AS - 30 hours

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
A New Era of Planning
Chapter 2:
Debt & Cash-flow Data Collection
Chapter 3:
Understanding Credit
Chapter 4:
Mortgages & Personal Loans
Chapter 5:
Revolving Credit
Chapter 6:
Car Loans & Leasing
Chapter 7:
Cash-flow Management
Chapter 8:
All-In-One Accounts
Chapter 9:
The Effects of Debt on a Financial Plan
Chapter 10:
Presenting Solutions

What Graduates Say

My favorite course so far! Excellent and incredibly useful information valuable not only to advisors but to the people they advise. Anyone with a mortgage or planning on getting one should take this course. Liam P., SK
As a professional bookkeeper for small businesses, I took this course because I wanted to include debt management in my business service portfolio. A lot of small businesses are really just self-employed individuals with their business start-up funds coming from personal loans and credit. The course provided a lot of knowledge on various types of personal debt, how to categorize and group monthly expenses and payments, and the various products available for dealing with debt unification. In addition, the course provides access to tools for calculating repayment schedules and interest. A good course for anyone dealing with personal finances. Melissa L., BC