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Philip Primeau,
MFA - Retirement Income Specialist

DFA - Tax Services Specialist
“It has been invaluable in fostering trust due to knowledge and experience associated with the designations.”


Kathy Lloyd CLU, CFP, CHFC, MFC, MFA

MFA-Succession & Estate Planning Specialist
"I work with Insurance licensed advisor and sometimes our CU members who own very successful businesses throughout SK and MB. I am often invited to meet with farming families to discuss their exit strategies. The MFA course provided me with new ideas to better facilitate these planning meetings with business owners at their Mature Secure stage of their business lives."



Tony Bosch
Executive Vice President, Broker Development
HUB Financial Inc

MFA - Retirement Income Specialist
"I had taken my earlier designation in the late 90’s and saw the MFA as a way to update my knowledge. I did not simply want to attend something that rehashed things that I learned earlier but rather something that would provide tools and practical application of financial/portfolio management principals in the wake of the financial market challenges that arose in 2000, 2002 and 2008.    The MFA was able to deliver this and more increasing my confidence when consulting with advisors on how help their clients meet their financial goals."



Vongsa Phommarath, MFA

MFA - Business Services Specialist
"The courses of the MFA Designation Program enabled me to assist my clients in reporting their income tax and their business activities."

Designation Programs

Choose Canada's Leading Designation Programs in Tax and Wealth Advisory Services

Best practices are taught throughout the program to ensure the family’s whole financial picture follows a coordinated plan in collaboration with other professional financial advisors including tax practitioners, bookkeepers, accountants, lawyers and financial advisors with expertise with a broad selection of investment products.   This program, therefore, enables the building of a multi-generational practice that tracks the whole client experience that is compliant with professional standards and regulation.

Pre-requisites:  Designed as continued professional development for people with the following qualifications:

  • Grade 12 or equivalent level education and
  • existing employment or entrepreneurship within the tax, accounting, bookkeeping or financial services or
  • existing designation, certification, or license in the industry sector and/or
  • at least three years’ experience in the industry sector for entry to the designation program

Executive Business Builder Program

Introducing a brand new educational program for Owner Managers.  Take your business to the next level and grow your personal leadership potential with 10 courses in this three-level program.

The Executive Business Builder Program is for:

  • Anyone who needs foundational knowledge on business planning and structure development to support business growth plans
  • Business builders well on a defined path but who would benefit from new business challenges, personal coaching and a vibrant business owner network
  • Energetic Innovators who want to embrace change, reposition their firms and build new high value, market-driven enterprises
  • Owner-managers who want to join other dynamic business leaders at the annual Executive Business Leadership retreat
  • Entrepreneural employees who want to take the leap and lean in to their dream of becoming an owner-manager themselves

Give yourself permission to work on your business - not just in it!


The Real Wealth Manager (RWM™) Program


Comprehensive training and tools in client-centric wealth management services enables you to position yourself as the Primary Advisor of a multi-stakeholder team of professionals and family members. Ideal for advisors practicing in the tax and financial services industry who wish to embellish on their current value proposition.


Distinguished Financial Advisor - Specialist:

Featuring course development and direction by Canada’s most trusted tax and financial educator, Evelyn Jacks and a team of outstanding tax professionals with decades of experience in teaching tens of thousands of tax professionals. Select from a variety of interesting certificate courses to complete your 6-course program. Each course takes approximately 30 hours to complete and your study plan can be completely custom-designed to meet your schedule. Do all 6 in the summer months, or space out your studies to do 3 courses a year.

DFA-Tax Services Specialist™

Become certified in preparing personal and corporate tax returns at a high professional standard using a case study approach and professional tax software. Then get your foot in the door with a great new job in the tax accounting industry, or build your own professional practice to do a broad spectrum of personal and corporate tax returns for individuals and families. All it takes is 6 in-depth courses to earn your DFA-Tax Services Specialist™ Designation, all taken online in the comfort and convenience of your own home or office.


DFA-Bookkeeping Services Specialist™

Add certified bookkeeping skills to your unique value proposition and offer a much-needed year round service to the lucrative small business market. Earn the DFA-Bookkeeping Services Specialist™ Designation. This prestigious designation signifies an advanced mastery of bookkeeping for small business, payroll, managerial accounting, transition and succession planning for owner-managers in a variety of business ventures.


Master Financial Advisor:

This course of study, consisting of 6 courses, leads to an MFA™ (Master Financial Advisor) designation and is intended for financial professionals who may already have an existing designation or license, and are looking for a way to expand their practice with targeted training in topics important to client servicing and retention today: tax efficiency, investment planning and the lifecycle of Real Wealth Management – encompassing a holistic view of the client’s need for accumulation, growth, preservation and transition of wealth over time. Distinguished Financial Advisor or other designation are required for entry to this program.

MFA-Business Services Specialist™

Master Financial Advisors understand family-owned enterprises throughout the lifecycle of the business—from start-up, to mid-term growth through to a successful transition to the next business owner. That insight requires a firm understanding of the financial statements and the T1 and T2 tax returns—a critical skill if you want to be precise about insurance and investment needs. This program is designed for the advisor who wants to build a reputation for excellence with small to medium sized firms by sharpening valuation, transition and tax knowledge.


MFA-Retirement and Estate Services Specialist™

Investment advisors who wish to meet the demand for tax-efficient income and effective wealth management as their clients transition from accumulation to spending, for wants and needs in retirement, will welcome the opportunity to study this leading-edge program. It is designed to provide structure and process for developing and monitoring tax-efficient retirement income plans featuring robust planning software.