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Bookkeeping Services Specialist

Distinguished Financial Advisor

The successful graduate will demonstrate competencies in doing books for proprietorships and micro-businesses, using generally accepted accounting principles to:

  • enter transactions into popular bookkeeping software programs;
  • prepare and explain the results of financial statements;
  • provide expert assistance in preparing government remittances, budgets, payroll; and
  • prepare T-slip summaries for owner-managers and their staff.

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What Graduates Say

The knowledge I have gained from the courses in the DFA - Bookkeeping Services Specialist Program has made it possible to give my clients service far above that of a regular bookkeeper. The step up to managerial concepts and advising capabilities has made me more valuable to my clients and allowed my business to grow through referrals. As an instructor for accounting and office technologies at a local community college, the knowledge I have gained has greatly enhanced my teaching and allows me to delve deeper into topics brought up by students. Overall, receiving this designation has allowed me to provide much better service to my clients, and in turn, my clients receive the advice and information they need to make informed business decisions. Mary Madsen, Madsen Business Services