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Who Should Take This Program?

People who want to help their clients better understand insurance and investment decisions required because of the new corporate tax rules.  This specialized training, through corporate tax courses, will not only help you work with increased professionalism with your clients’ accountants and legal advisors, but, you will be better equipped to answer the question:  should I invest inside or outside of my corporate structures.

Competencies and Proficiency:

This MFA™, through completion of corporate tax courses, possesses the knowledge and skills to assist the family/small business owner and/or practicing professional with corporate tax planning, personal and corporate income layering, including family income splitting, cross border taxation, and business valuation, as well as owner-manager compensation planning.

Peer-to-Peer Learning:

An important option is attendance at the CE Summits, a one-day instructor-led workshop held in November, January and May.  It is of particular benefit to students who seek in-person, peer-to-peer learning.

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Courses above may be substituted by one or more courses listed below. 6 completed courses are required to earn a designation.

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