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The Real Wealth Manager (RWM™) Program

Real Wealth Management

The Real Wealth Manager is a professional who has earned the right to use the RWM™ certification mark after comprehensive training in the delivery of goal-based, client-centric wealth management solutions.  The Real Wealth Manager leads a multi-stakeholder team, comprised of other financial services professionals and family members, in a holistic and long term approach to family wealth planning. The focus is on four elements of Real Wealth Management: the accumulation, growth, preservation and transition of sustainable wealth; that is, after taxes, inflation and fees.


  • Defining Real Wealth Management
  • The Strategic Approach in Real Wealth Management
  • The Costs of Building Wealth
  • Objective-Based Planning and Joint-Decision Making
  • Managing Sources of Income and Capital
  • The Real Wealth Management Process
  • Elements of RWM:  Accumulation
  • Elements of RWM:  Growth
  • Elements of RWM:  Preservation
  • Elements of RWM:  Transition
  • Leading the Real Management Strategy™

Plus, two practice management opportunities:

  • PMT – practice management thesis – develop a real wealth management plan in a case study approach featuring Knowledge Bureau client relationship toolkit – 15 outstanding calculators that answer the families “trigger questions” about financial decisions they need to make
  • Examination – conveniently taken online in the comfort of your home or office


The Income Tax Estimator includes the latest tax changes for the 2017 tax year.  Use the Estimator to determine your tax liability for 2016 and/or 2017, including the new Canada Child Benefit calculations as well has how your taxes will change for 2016 with the elimination of the Family Tax Cut and the addition of the rate reduction for middle-income taxpayers and the new tax bracket for higher-income taxpayers.

Income Tax Estimator Take Home Pay Calculator
Financial Assessment Calculator RRSP Savings Calculator
  Registered vs Non-Registered Savings Calculator
  Investment Income Calculator
Tax Efficient Retirement Income Calculator Tax Efficient Assets Transfer Calculator
Marginal Tax Rate Calculator Donations Savings Calculator
Fixed vs Variable Income Calculator Trust Tax Estimator
CPP Income Calculator  
Debt Reduction Solutions Calculator  
Cash Flow Calculator  


PERSONALIZED INSTRUCTION - Earn Your Prestigious Certificate of Distinction and the RWM™ with the help of Knowledge Bureau and instructors in convenience of your home or office.

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