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Tax Services Specialist

Distinguished Financial Advisor

The successful graduate will demonstrate competencies in T1 Tax preparation and planning as well as a basic understanding of T2 preparation for micro businesses::

  • T1 Tax Preparation: For individual and family filers, low income credit filers, employees, pre- and post-retirees, disabled taxpayers, rental property owners, investors, proprietors including service and inventory-based businesses, professionals, partnerships, farmers, fishers and others, death of a taxpayer, cross-border taxation.
  • T2 Tax Preparation:   Specialists will be able to complete basic T2 returns for micro-businesses and small to medium sized businesses.

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What Graduates Say

The DFA - Tax Services Specialist stream of courses teach not only the practical application of tax legislation and interpretation, but also what is probably the most advantageous skill set: How to Think. The courses give you the information required, but not on a platter. You need to develop the ability to think in order to apply the lessons learned in a practical manner. Alan Rowell, President The Accounting Place