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Student Responsibilities


Knowledge Bureau is pleased to offer students an “open architecture" learning environment.  Students may choose to enter our diploma and designation programs with the first certificate course taken, and save money on tuition fees when they declare a diploma or designation path at the time of original registration. The student may also choose a pathway to designation that includes blended learning programming: a combination of online and workshop/conference options to fulfill the 180 hours requirement:


Students may study at their own time and pace, and start anytime 24/7.  Early registration deadlines are provided to prompt students to enrol and finish courses in each of four seasonal sessions, however, students may start at any time and have 9 months to complete three courses; 18 months to complete 6 courses.  A maximum of 3 months is allowed for completion of each individual course.  Extensions are available after this period.

Register by: Study Time: Finish Time:
March 15 April 1 June 30
June 15 July 1 Sept 30
Sept 15 Oct 1 December 30
Dec 15 Jan 1 March 31
Course Completion Obligations

As described above, students are required to complete one course every three months and maximum designation program completion time is 18 months. We may have custom arrangements for course completion with Private Clients and Strategic Partners of Knowledge Bureau.

Access to Personalized Instruction

The onus is on the student to complete courses on time and to contact us for help with questions using their Help Button in the Virtual Campus.  Please contact us immediately if there is any problem with our courseware or services, so that we may provide corrective action.  The instructional assistance is provided, within reason, at no extra charge to the student. Before making an inquiry the student is responsible for reading any updates to the courseware on the Virtual Campus, in the free subscription to Knowledge Bureau Report and in the EverGreen Explanatory Notes Research Library.  Instructors will decline providing answer keys to students, and if the instructor deems there have been an unreasonable number of requests for assistance or answers, tutoring sessions will be recommended.

Tutoring Sessions

If, at the discretion of the instructor, or the request of the student,  the volume of student support questions appears excessive,  tutoring sessions may be arranged at a charge of $195 per hour, with minimum ½ hour increments.  Contact the Registrar to schedule the sessions and for payment.


Students of online certificate courses  may request extensions at the end of each study period of three months. Extensions may be purchased at a cost of $99.00 for each extension of 1 month, $250 for a three month extension.

Resumed Studies

Students who wish to resume their studies after an absence of more than 6 months must pay a resumption fee of $295 to be put back into their program and resume their studies.

Testing and Passing Mark

All online courses feature examinations that can be done in home or office.  They are “open-book” style tests and a minimum 60% pass mark is required in every course for certification. 


One rewrite attempt will be allowed within a month of unsuccessful testing. Rewrite fees are $295 per exam.

Standards of Conduct

Designates are granted the permission to use Knowledge Bureau’s Certification Marks behind their name, on their business cards and letterhead. This license for use must be renewed annually by the Standards of Conduct, specified in the link: Standards of Conduct

Registration and Course Work Plans

Getting Started

Self-study students may begin their program at any time, all year long, and enrol risk free with our Money Back Guarantee: we offer a free trial for the first chapter in your first courses which allows you to determine whether the program is for you. After this, you are considered to have enrolled in the program and there are no refunds.  Students may make a switch out of one course for another at no charge if the course is unsuitable (too easy, too hard, wrong topic, etc.).  See Refund Policies.

Personal Consultation, Instructor, Orientation or Group Study Start

Knowledge Bureau self study courses allow you to develop your own course work plan. Your registration includes access to a Personal Educational Consultant, who will provide a personal orientation tour when you start your program,  and introduce you to your online  access to your instructor through your exclusive access to your online learning environment.

Your individual course orientation will be scheduled at your convenience, or you can join a national group study, in which all team members from one office start at the same time in the same course. Please see Programs and courses - Registration and tuition for additional details.

EZ-Pay Instalment Plans

Please call our registrar toll free at 1-866-953-4769 to arrange a monthly instalment plan, or follow the online instructions.

NOTE: Instalment plans are based on a 3 month per course work plan. If your course work plan is accelerated, you may be required to make additional payments before the release of the next course in your program. Payment plans may be revoked if your payments fall in arrears and your instalment privilege fee will be withheld. In addition you may be charged additional fees as described under NSF Fees.

CE Summits

Registration, Certification and Cancellation

Included in the registration fee for the CE Summits is the cost of CE accreditation and certification, at the workshop and reference resources.

CE accreditation and certification credit hours are determined by attendance. CE Summits is accredited by Knowledge Bureau and most provincial insurance councils, and qualifies for CE credit by most provincial accounting organizations.

Workshop registration fees are non-refundable, except in the case of severe hardship, where a 30% cancellation fee will apply. Penalty fees may be applied for full credit to any other Knowledge Bureau program for a period of one year.

Payment: VISA or MasterCard are the preferred methods of payment. If paying by cheque, please post-date cheques accordingly and submit to Knowledge Bureau, 187 St. Mary's Road, Winnipeg, MB, R2H 1J2

Please recommend a friend. When you provide contact information to Knowledge Bureau, we will send you a $25 thank you gift.

Distinguished Advisor Conference (DAC)

Registration, Accreditation and Cancellation

INCLUDED IN REGISTRATION FEES: Included in the registration fee for the  conference is  attendance for 3 days of sessions, outlined in the official DAC agenda for one delegate, plus: cost of CE/CPD accreditation and certification, provided the evaluation/testing forms provided  at the event are submitted.   Also included is attendance at opening reception & group dinner, hot breakfasts, mimosa breaks.  Delegates will have access to content/reference resources, which may include reference journals and access to online materials. Spouses who work in the business with advisors must register in full as a delegate, but will receive preferred client rates for full program accreditation. Spouses who do not work in the business must register in the Spousal Program, which entitles the non-working spouse to attendance at all the sessions, as well as breakfasts, mimosa breaks and the evening group events. There will be no accreditation and certification in those cases and no splitting of the spousal fees for any one aspect of the DAC. Under no circumstances will non-working spouses be allowed access at any of the networking events without registration in the Spousal Program.

CE/CPD Accreditation and Certification. CE/CPD credit hours are determined by attendance at the events. It is required that evaluation summations are completed and signed for these purposes. Failure to submit may result in disqualification from certification from these accreditors: Knowledge Bureau, as required for continuation of MFA™ and DFA-Specialist™ licensing, most provincial insurance councils, the FPSC, various accounting organizations. Depending on the needs of the audience, Knowledge Bureau may also apply for pre-accreditation from certain professional organizations such as IIROC.  Generally one hour per hour of instruction is granted as a general rule.

NOT INCLUDED.  The following is not covered in the DAC registration fee: the cost of flights, ground transportation, hotel rooms, internet access (unless included by the hotel in the cost of accommodation), entertainment other than as described in the official DAC agenda, tips, porters, parking, personal injury or loss/liability of any kind, including sickness or cancellation insurance, any loss due to uninsured sickness or accident or death, and any other optional activities which may have been planned for the group such as golfing, spas, tours or group evening or meal events, and any meals outside of the official DAC conference-specified agenda. Knowledge Bureau, its owners, speakers, employees, subcontractors or any member of the organizational team cannot take any responsibility for any personal injury, affliction, accident, or financial consequences due to attendance at the DAC event whatsoever and attendees are herewith notified thereof. Please protect yourself accordingly using appropriate insurance, and risk management measures.

Group Rates:  Companies often send teams of people to the DAC. These teams qualify for our preferred rates. An additional group rate is achieved after the first 10 registrants are enrolled and paid. Best rates can be received for the group with this minimum enrolment by the deadline dates on the conference application forms. Spousal fees are extra.

Hotel Rates and Length of Stay. The conference anchor hotel has offered preferred room rates for the group on conference days, which are booked and paid for directly with Knowledge Bureau and will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Please indicate your preferred length of stay on the DAC Conference Registration Form. Rooms are also usually available at the group rate 3 days before and after the conference dates based on availability. Please call Knowledge Bureau to discuss your needs and submit completed registration form with credit card information to secure hotel rooms, which Knowledge Bureau will do on your behalf. All attendees participating in DAC must submit credit cards and application forms, including speakers, sponsors, employees, award winners, etc.

While Knowledge Bureau endeavours to negotiate favourable group rates for your stay, on occasion it may be possible to find a lower rate on the internet. In such a case we suggest that you go ahead with your online booking, however please be aware that  we often negotiate “all in pricing” which you may not be receiving online and we cannot be responsible for your reservation and any room changes, extensions or over bookings that may occur.

Special Diets. We try to accommodate special food requests, but those highly allergic to most foods normally served or those with very limited diets must make own food arrangements.

Complimentary Registrations: Those who receive waived or reduced conference registration fees as special guests of Knowledge Bureau must provide a credit card number for hotel costs in advance and no later than June 30. They will be charged at that time for all hotel and pre-arranged meal costs amounting to 30% of the delegate and spousal registration fees based on June 30 early registration pricing for preferred clients.  This 30% fee is only refundable at the end of the three day event; it is not refundable for no-shows. Attendance of special guests is limited to spaces available and allocated on a first come, first served basis. We may not be able to guarantee rooms at the conference hotel rates.

Refunds – Registration Fees.  Conference registration and spousal program fees are non-refundable, except in the case of severe hardship, where a 25% non-refundable cancellation fee will apply based on the registration fee the attendee qualified for at that time of registration.  In addition, there is a 30% fee to cover the cost of all pre-arranged meals, entertainment and service fees.

Refunds – Hotel.  Hotel rooms refunds may be possible until October 31, should the hotel agree to provide this; if not,  a 30% hotel room cancellation fee will be applied in these cases to cover service fees incurred by DAC organizers to negotiate this.  This includes registrations of any attendees under the “three free room night” onsite offer.

Penalty Credits.  Any penalty or cancellation fees may be applied for full credit to any other Knowledge Bureau program for a period of one year from date of cancellation

Payment: Knowledge Bureau will take your payment information upon receipt of the registration form, and fees will be deducted as follows:

  • full registration fees upon registration, (instalment plans however are available)
  • 100% of hotel fees (including taxes) on September 15th

Registrations after September 15:  100% of registration and hotel room fees are payable.

VISA, MasterCard or Amex are the preferred methods of payment. If paying by cheque, please post-date cheques accordingly and submit Knowledge Bureau, 187 St. Mary’s Road, Winnipeg, MB R2H 1J2.  There is a $45 charge for any NSF cheque or declined credit card.

Currency: Note that registration fees paid are in Canadian Funds for Canadian attendees. The same fee amounts are paid in US funds by US attendees. Hotel room costs do not include taxes and any applicable service fees and are charged in Canadian dollars. Fees for hotel rooms will be collected on September 30th in full.

Exchange rate fees. After that date, aside from the currency differential, Knowledge Bureau will charge a minimum 2% exchange rate fee to cover the charges we incur to convert Canadian to US currencies.

Incentive Plans: Free hotel room nights may be offered in two instances:  (1) to attendees who register and pay on site at the DAC for next year’s event and (2) upon recommendation of a friend, as available and at the complete discretion of Knowledge Bureau. In the latter instance, send referral contact information to Registrar at Knowledge Bureau, 1-866-953-4769. When your friend registers as a new delegate with full payment, we will provide you with one free hotel room night. This offer is for new registrants only and extends to a maximum of three recommendations: three hotel room nights.  However, note our cancellation policies above.

Refund Policies

Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policies

We invite you to Enrol Risk Free in self-study programs, to be sure you have made the right decision for your time and money.  We also invite you to prepare a Goal Chart on our website or to discuss this and your needs with a phone appointment with our highly training Educational Consultants.  Eligible withdrawals may require adjustments to fee schedules for penalty provisions and volume discounts before refunds are issued, as fee structures may vary throughout the year, depending on when a student begins, with early registration fee reductions available according to sessional enrolment dates, or when students enrol in group study sessions.  Here are the refund policies:

Single Courses: If you are not satisfied upon review of your self-study certificate course, Chapter 1, your money is refunded — no questions asked — provided you contact us within one week of course registration. If you received any hard copy material, return those materials at your cost in saleable condition within that week.

Unsaleable materials will not be refunded. If you complete the quizzes or case studies beyond the first chapter in your course, you will no longer be eligible for a refund. You have 3 months to complete each course. After this you may request an extension.  If you do not start at all, you are considered to have purchased and used the course materials for the entire enrolment period or any part thereof.

Diploma/Designation Programs: You have 9 months to complete a diploma program; 18 months to complete a designation program, but you can do so sooner.

You must complete your first course in your diploma/designation program for consideration to withdraw.  You may withdraw from the program within three months. There will be no refunds after this; that is, you are committed to taking the diploma or designation program unless there is a hardship (see below).

Any refunds are subject to an administrative charge of $295.00. All multiple course discounts will be forfeited. Students who pay by instalment also forfeit their finance fees. Administrative charges can be applied to future course purchases within one year of withdrawal.

Hardship Policy. In the case of severe hardship, including illness of the student, illness of a family member or death of a family member, provide a letter to the Registrar outlining reasons for the request from a medical practitioner.

Two options are available:
1.Course completion deadlines are extended based on mutual discussion of a reasonable restart date within one year of enrolment. If the period must exceed 1 year, students may be required to re-purchase updated course materials at the lowest price point at that time.

2.Withdrawals. There are no withdrawals or refunds allowed after 3 months in the case of a regular program;  one year in the case of hardship. Any charges incurred due to this policy may be applied in full to future enrolments.

NSF Fees

A $45 fee will be assessed on each NSF or declined charge card payment. NSF fees will be waived by paying the balance of tuition owing in full by credit card.  Note: 3 instances of default will result in expulsion from your program with re-initiation possible on receipt of all outstanding amounts plus an extension fee of $99.

Website Content Reproduction Policy

Welcome to Knowledge Bureau website which is operated by Knowledge Bureau, Inc. By visiting and using this web site you will be accepting these Terms of Use, which you should read carefully. Do not use this website if you do not agree with these terms, which may be changed by Knowledge Bureau, Inc. at any time. Visit this portion of the site often to refresh your knowledge of these terms of use.

Note that we cannot guarantee uninterrupted or error free access to services and disclaim any responsibility for guaranteed, uninterrupted or error free services. However, we are committed to the highest quality services and welcome your comments for required services, errors or omissions to be corrected.

Please contact us by email:  with those comments. We reserve the right to discontinue or modify any portion or feature of this site or services at our discretion and without notice.

We also do not provide any advice on legal, financial, tax, insurance, compliance or any other professional or investment services, which require individual and customized advice from a qualified professional and therefore disclaim responsibility for any actions taken by any individuals as a result of the use of any of the intellectual properties published by Knowledge Bureau, Inc. including any and all components of this website.


Please review our Copyright Policy regarding reproduction of content on our website.

Copyright and Reproduction Policy

©Knowledge Bureau, Inc. The contents of this work are copyright protected; all rights are reserved. No part of this work—print, audio or online— INCLUDING charts, data, logos, art, videos, design, architecture, articles, quotes—may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, or stored in a data base and retrieval system, without prior written consent from Knowledge Bureau, Inc.  Website users are granted only a limited license to access or download any information for personal use, provided the content is not modified and all proprietary notices and references are intact.  (See Required Acknowledgements, Required Notification of Use and Licensors, below). Under no circumstances may any content or derivative thereof be used for any other use, including commercial use nor may it be merged, distributed, modified or incorporated in whole or part without permission from Knowledge Bureau, Inc.
For further information or to request permission for reproduction call us at 1-866-953-4769 or by email at

A. Required Acknowledgements/Notification of Use:

When you respect our copyrights, we can reinvest in new programming in the future for you. That's a win-win. Copyright infringement also breaks the law. We protect our copyright vigilantly and will prosecute those who use it without permission. For more information on our privacy policies and disclaimers, see Policies at

Use by Students Other than for Study.  Any users of the information published in an educational component or product by Knowledge Bureau must confirm use and date of use in advance.  Articles in Knowledge Bureau Report, Breaking Tax and Investment News which is a component of our courses, may be emailed to clients of students but only with required permission, a link to our disclaimers and acknowledgement:  © Knowledge Bureau, Inc. All Rights Reserved.  Used with Permission.  Call us at 1-866-953-4768 to reserve reproduction rights.

While studying with us, students may use the tools and resources supplied by Knowledge Bureau in their work with clients (however, please see Disclaimers).

Commercial Use:  Knowledge Bureau charges a fee for commercial use of any of its copyrighted content including all information included in its courses, workshops, newsletters, research libraries, software, calculators, audio recordings, powerpoint presentations, pictures, biographies, educational architecture and methodology, charts, logos, online environments, articles, blogs, videos, web or publishing architecture, research data, etc. Please contact  for such permission and quote for fee payment.

Use by Media, Radio or Television: Any direct information quoted from any Knowledge Bureau resource must be accompanied by the following

©Knowledge Bureau, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used with Permission

Licensors:  In using the intellectual property of Knowledge Bureau, THE LICENSOR (and any of its Enrolled Participants) AGREES: The components of this course are not to be shared with another user in the absence of signed arrangements made for multiple user licensing. Under no circumstances may the contents of any course of studies—printed live, virtual, or self-study or any other format—be reproduced or used by multiple users for any purpose without prior written consent. In participating in this program, you agree that the copyright in all intellectual properties owned by the Knowledge Bureau will be respected and any reproduction will be subject to permissions set out by the company.

Educational Institutions must contact Knowledge Bureau for reproduction permission.

Privacy Policy

  • When you voluntarily provide your email address to us, you will be providing us with your consent to keep this information in our mailing list database, and to periodically follow up with you about your needs, unless you tell us otherwise.
  • We will not sell or rent your information to any third parties.
  • We will not provide any information to advertisers.
  • You are in control of changing your information on file with us so that it is up to date.
  • We use safe and secure technology such as SSL to ensure your information is safe on our site.
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  • Our web site only uses cookies to assist you during your visit and to protect your privacy while logged on to the site.
  • We do use software programs to monitor traffic and visits for the sole purpose of improving your experience with us.
  • Please direct your questions about this privacy policy to Knowledge Bureau.


Users of the intellectual properties published by The Knowledge Bureau (including books, website, news services, educational works and any other aspects of the products and services of Knowledge Bureau, Inc.) are responsible for their own actions and outcomes and are advised to seek legal counsel or other professional advice before acting on any information or recommendations received.

The owners, publishers, authors, instructors, editors, coaches and contributors therefore expressly disclaim all and any liability to any person in respect of anything and any consequence as a result of the use of the works which may be taken through Knowledge Bureau, Inc.,  including any news releases or commentary, courseware, workshops, conferences, webcasts, online materials, calculators, libraries or other information resource herein referred. Knowledge Bureau Inc. makes no representations or warranties with respect to third party software used in its programs and accepts no responsibility with respect to its use by the student. Only those warranties available from software developers are applicable.

Users of the intellectual properties of Knowledge Bureau including its websites, courses or other services of Knowledge Bureau, Inc. are also herewith notified that the company, its principals, shareholders, employees, writers, instructors or subcontractors are not involved in any aspect of any business conducted by any persons or companies for which it supplies or offers courseware, information or intellectual property management services, including resellers of its courseware, and does not endorse any such person or companies or its products or services. Knowledge Bureau, Inc. therefore expressly disclaims any responsibility for any consequence any person or entity has in relation to dealings with any such person or company.

The examples used in the intellectual property published by The Knowledge Bureau are fictitious unless otherwise stated and any resemblance to real life people, facts or circumstances is purely coincidental.

Much care has been taken to trace ownership of copyrighted material contained in this material; however, the publisher will welcome any information that enables it to rectify any reference or credit for subsequent editions and or any errors or omissions that require correction.  Please contact Content Development at 1-866-953-4769. 

Other Important Notices

Our Sponsors and Third Party Partners

We are proud of our relationships with sponsors, partners and affiliates, however, we do not specifically endorse any product and are not responsible for the claims or representations made by sponsors, advertisers or third party partners.

Note Knowledge Bureau does not review the products or services of any company mentioned on its site and warns its users to undertake their own due diligence before making any decision to buy products or services. Knowledge Bureau will not take any responsibility or pay for any damages of any kind resulting from use of any products mentioned on our website or as a result of any misuse of any personal information or data submitted by you to any third party.

Prohibited Conduct by Users of This Site
  • Personal attacks on or abuse of any company, people or administrators of a forum or other group communication
  • Postings of any obscene, offensive or unlawful or fraudulent content (including links) or content to be used for unlawful or fraudulent purposes or anything that is defamatory or infringes on any person’s rights, or posting of any personal information of any person including yourself
  • Posting of any materials containing viruses, malicious or destructive code, or phishing, spamming, advertising, etc.

Transparency and Advice

In managing, developing and distributing intellectual property, the philosophy of The Knowledge Bureau is that it interprets the news as it relates to wealth and health management issues and provides perspective under a framework called Real Wealth Management© . It does not provide advice. It is also not a platform for any other company and does not associate itself with individuals who wish to use Knowledge Bureau, Inc. as a platform to sell other products or services from which they benefit financially, unless they are prepared to make full disclosure. The Knowledge Bureau has the following expectations of its speakers, instructors, associates, authors, and lecturers:

Advice.  They will not provide advice unless they are appropriately registered and licensed, and appropriately qualified to do so. We expect that our associates will and have made themselves aware what type of advice is under jurisdiction of regulators.

Transparency.  We expect our associates to make full disclosures of any compensatory relationship (monetary or otherwise) with the company that hires them or pays them consulting or other fees or commissions. They are required to state how they will benefit if the audience is being invited to consider and/or buy a product from a company with which the speaker has a compensatory relationship, including receipt of consulting fees, commissions or trailer or any beneficial ownership.

Based on these written policies and our stated and expected conduct of our speakers and instructors, neither  Knowledge Bureau nor any of our employees can take responsibility for the results of any actions taken by any persons that may have adverse financial consequences.

Course Content Reproduction Policy

THE PUBLISHER (Knowledge Bureau) allows single user access to the components of its self study programs of studies with a valid paid registration in the program for the time frames allowed within the program of studies—which are limited to a maximum of six months per course, (subject to change at Knowledge Bureau’s discretion) and this includes use of the online portion of the program, and all accompanying Knowledge Net Tools.

Multiple user fees are negotiable for those who wish to use this program for any or all associates of one branch office. In that case, the fee for each participant is negotiated on a case-by-case basis, based on volume. Please call us to arrange this multiple user license for your firm. Use of Knowledge Bureau publications (Knowledge Bureau Report) is free for viewing from email services or Knowledge Bureau home page. However a strict content reproduction and privacy policy is in effect.

Complaint Resolution Policies

1. Continuous Improvement Philosophy:  At Knowledge Bureau,  we always try to enhance our relationship with all our students by investing in a Continuous Improvement and “EverGreening” philosophy to content development and student services.  We invite you to share in this philosophy by helping us to continuously improve and update.

Continuous Improvement: When we become aware of errors, omissions or other improvements required we fix those errors and omissions either by personal contact, in the course materials, through use of email and/or our Knowledge Bureau Report, depending upon the urgency and breadth of the matter.  We also include clarifications and improvements to Guidance provided for students as required.

EverGreening:  As change happens continuously in the tax and financial services Knowledge Bureau is committed to keeping its students up-to-date with a world class research library:  EverGreen Explanatory Notes, which is updated weekly, Knowledge Bureau Report which is a complimentary e-newsletter service provided directly to students, through course updates, revisions and new course development.   Please see our disclaimer policies in the courseware and on our website. They set out limitations regarding our content and authorship.

2. Dissatisfaction during course of study period:  We work with the student to fix the problem to the best of our ability and resources so the student can complete their studies successfully.  The student has paid for access to student support as part of the tuition fees for a defined period of time.  In cases where the student has not contacted us for help along the way, or has not started the program within the study time allotted time for it, it is considered that the student has used the materials for personal use and there is no further action.  As such, there are no refunds.

3. Dissatisfied on completion of programs:  As per #1 & 2, our mandate is to help students successfully complete their programs.  We identify the issues, determine whether courses/materials need adjustments, if there is a legitimate problem with the product or service, make corrections, and teach to the issues.  There are no refunds for convenience or failure to start.

4. Expressing our gratitude. We sincerely appreciate your help in our ongoing pursuit of excellence. Where a student has helped us identify areas of improvement or required change we may consider giving  thanks with a financial credit toward the cost of a future course. The publisher’s decision on this is final and any credits/awards issued may not exceed tuition fees paid.