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My objectives were to train on unincorporated small business tax returns for my new tax preparation business. My expectations were met. Enjoyable.
Adam J., MB

I am currently putting our entire office through a variety of Knowledge Bureau courses. They are the best of what is out there for in office training.
Bernadette M., AB

My objective in taking Knowledge Bureau courses was to continue learning so that I can better serve my clients with simple sound advice that works. My objectives were met with a very simple and clear process that has proven results.
Rodney J., BC

My objective in taking this course was to understand the theory behind Managerial Accounting. All the key areas of managerial accounting was covered in this course. It was a GREAT course that can be taken according to my own schedule.
Akbar P., ON

If you have your own practice this course, Tax Strategies for Advisors, is a must.
Vincent C., AB

The DFA - Tax Services SpecialistTM stream of courses teach not only the practical application of tax legislation and interpretation, but also what the most advantageous skill set is probably: How to Think. The courses give you the information required, but not on a platter. You need to develop the ability to think in order to apply the lessons learned in a practical manner.
Alan R., ON

The knowledge I have gained from the courses in the DFA - Bookkeeping Services SpecialistTM Program has made it possible to give my clients service far above that of a regular bookkeeper. The step up to managerial concepts and advising capabilities has made me more valuable to my clients and allowed my business to grow through referrals. As an instructor for accounting and office technologies at a local community college, the knowledge I have gained has greatly enhanced my teaching and allows me to delve deeper into topics brought up by students. Overall, receiving this designation has allowed me to provide much better service to my clients, and in turn, my clients receive the advice and information they need to make informed business decisions.
Mary M., BC

Very well organized and interesting. I learned a great deal of information on an extremely important topic, both for myself and my clients. Thank you!
Richard R., SK

This conference is top notch, not only providing timely and relevant information, but motivated and dynamic speakers. If you're looking to top grade yourself or your staff I highly recommend both the Distinguished Advisor Conference and the courses. . .offered through the Knowledge Bureau.

Susan L. Misner, B.A. (Econ),

Love using EverGreen. Well written and researched and easy to follow. Also, the Court cases provide a very practical view on the theory.
Maryke L-T., BC