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Getting Started

EverGreen's interface consists of a series of tabs, each of which gives you access to different parts of the system. For each tab, there is a navigation bar to the left of the screen which gives you more options and access to related information.

Contents Tab

The Contents tab provides access to all the commentary topics either through a list organized by subject. Click on the to expand the list. Click on the to contract the list. Click on the or the topic title to view the commentary.

Index Tab

The Index tab includes a list of keywords and topic titles which can be viewed as an alphabetical list.  Click on the letter that begins the keyword or topic name and a list of the keywords or topics that begin with that letter will be displayed.  For each keyword, a list of topic names will be presented that contain that keyword.  Click on the topic name to open the topic.

Or, you may key in a keyword and search the keyword list or the topic title list for that keyword.  As with all search functions, the more specific the word the shorter the list of topics will be.  Also you may find it useful to leave off the end of the word if it could be in present or past tense or single or plural format.  For example, you may want to know about claiming farming expenses, enter "farm" so that you see topics which include "farm", "farmer", and "farms", as well as "farming".  You can then narrow down the topic from the list presented.

Search Tab

The Search tab allows you to find the commentary, forms, ITs, IC or publications that relate to your topic of interest.

In the navigation pane for this tab, you can enter a word or phrase to search:

  • Personal Tax Topics
  • Corporate Tax Topics
  • GST Topics

and you can to select to search one of the following:

  • Topic Titles
  • Topic Contents
  • Form Titles
  • Interpretation Bulleting Titles
  • Information Circular Titles
  • Government Guides and Publication Titles

If you type a phrase (i.e. more than one word) in the search box, you may choose to search for

  • topics that contain the phrase as typed or
  • topics that contain any of the words in the phrase

To bein your search, press the button.


If you wish to view as specific form, Interpretation Bulletin, Information Circular, Other Government Publications or Income Tax Act section, enter the form, IT, IC, Publication or ITA section number in the Other Options section.


Forms: enter the CRA form number (e.g. T2202), for US forms prefix by "US" (e.g. US1040NR), for T2 Schedules, prefix by T2SCH (e.g. T2SCH100 for T2 Schedule 100). To view a list of all forms, press the   button.

Interpretations Bulletins: Enter the IT number without the "IT" and without the Revision number.  For example, for IT-51R2, enter "51".  To view a list of all ITs, press the    button.

Information Circulars: Enter the IC number without the "IC".  For example, enter "00-1" for IC-00-1"  To view a list of all ICs, press the   button.

Publications: Enter the publication number  (e.g. RC4027), for US Publications prefix by "Publication" (e.g. Publication 514). To view a list of all publications, press the   button.

Income Tax Act: To view a specific section of the Income Tax Act, enter the section number (e.g. 258.1).  Note that the entire section (not subsections only) are shown.  For example, if you ask for 60(j), section 60 will be displayed.


Your search results will be listed in the Search tab. Click on the title to view the topic, form, IT, IC or publication. Click on the (upper left and lower left of the screen) to get back to your search results.

Topic Tab

When you've selected a topic, form, IT, IC, or publication, the results will be displayed on the Topic tab. If you select the Topic tab before selecting a topic, you'll be switched to the Table of Contents tab. The navigation pane for the Topic Tab has the following components:

  • Topic Contents - this section displays the major headings within the commentary on the topic
  • Related Topics - this section includes links to other topics that are related to the selected topic. If you choose a related topic, the commentary on the new topic will replace the current topic. You can return to the original topic by clicking on the found to the upper left and lower left of the screen.
  • Related Forms - this section includes links to government forms that are related to the selected topic. If you choose a related form, the form will replace the current topic. You can return to the topic by clicking on the found to the upper left and lower left of the screen by clicking on the Topic Tab again.
  • Applicable Lines - this section lists the T1 lines that are related to the selected topic.
  • ITA Reference - this section includes links to sections of the Income Tax Act that are related to the selected topic. If you choose an ITA link, the related section of the Act will replace the current topic. You can return to the topic by clicking on the found to the upper left and lower left of the screen by clicking on the Topic Tab again.
  • Interpretation Bulletins - this section includes links to ITs that are related to the selected topic. If you choose an IT, it will replace the current topic. You can return to the topic by clicking on the found to the upper left and lower left of the screen by clicking on the Topic Tab again.
  • Information Circulars - this section includes links to ICs that are related to the selected topic. If you choose an IC, it will replace the current topic. You can return to the topic by clicking on the found to the upper left and lower left of the screen by clicking on the Topic Tab again.

Calculators Tab

The Calculators tab (which is not available in the student edition of EverGreen) provides access the following four Knowledge Bureau calculators:

  • The Knowledge Bureau's Income Tax Estimator
  • The Knowledge Bureau's Marginal Tax Rate Calculator
  • Retirement Savings - Registered vs Non-Registered
  • The Knowledge Bureau's Retirement Savings Calculator

Each calculator opens in a separate window.

Students should use the calculators provided on the Net Tools page in their virtual classroom.  This is to ensure that calculator updates to not cause students to get incorrect answers in their quizzes or case studies.

ENews Tab

The ENews tab displays the Current Edition of the Breaking Tax and Investment News newsletter published weekly by Knowledge Bureau. 


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