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Dan McKinnon,
MFA - Retirement Income Services Specialist
British Columbia
Knowledge Bureau is the industry leader on retirement income planning.


Kelly Tinant
DFA - Tax Services Specialist
"This program has provided me with further education and better personal tax knowledge."



Teho Huang
MFA - Investment and Retirement Services Specialist
British Columbia
"This is a wonderful program that I can update knowledge about investments and financial issues."



Denis Marcon, CFP
MFA - Succession and Estate Planning Services Specialist
"Working in a farm community where farms dimensions are complicated, I feel much more comfortable dealing with clients,  lawyers and accountants. In the early years, I was intimidated. Now with the value of the information I have  received with Knowledge Bureau and with the experience of working in these farms accounts, my knowledge and comfort level has grown."
“If you are not growing and learning, you are dying.”


Designation Programs

Choose Canada's Leading Designation Programs in Tax and Wealth Advisory Services

Pre-requisites:  Designed as continued professional development for people with the following qualifications:

  • Grade 12 or equivalent level education and
  • existing employment or entrepreneurship within the tax, accounting, bookkeeping or financial services or
  • existing designation, certification, or license in the industry sector and/or
  • at least three years’ experience in the industry sector for entry to the designation program

RWM - Real Wealth Management Specialist:

A co-ordinated approach to wealth management is lacking between all the financial intermediaries – financial, legal and tax advisors - serving investors.  There are also new best interest duties required by regulators in the financial services.  Most important, your future clients want to work with advisors who re ready to develop a common strategy for inter-family, inter-advisory collaboration that will stand the test of time despite rapid technological, regulatory and tax change.

Master Financial Advisor:

This course of study, consisting of 6 courses, leads to an MFA™ (Master Financial Advisor) designation and is intended for tax or financial professionals who are looking for a way to expand their practice with targeted training in topics important to client servicing and retention today: tax efficiency, investment planning and the lifecycle of Real Wealth Management – encompassing a holistic view of the client’s need for accumulation, growth, preservation and transition of wealth over time. Financial advisors who go on to become  specialists make it their professional responsibility to stay current on new tax laws and economic changes.  Do all 6 in the summer months, or space out your studies to do a course every 3 months.

Distinguished Financial Advisor - Specialist:

Be a trusted contributor to a multi-stakeholder approach in family wealth management, offering high value advice on the best after-tax outcomes for multiple generations in a taxpayer’s family.  This is  especially important at times of great change:  when lifecycle events occur (marriage, births, divorce, illness and death) or during important financial events, for example, when employees become proprietors, during pre-retirement or at end of life, with the filing of final personal, GRE (Graduated Rate Estates) and other trust returns. Each course takes approximately 30 hours to complete and your study plan can be completely custom-designed to meet your schedule.