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TFSA Penalties: Advisors Can Help

Posted in: Breaking News, Tax Planning, Current Issue, tfsa contribution
TFSA holders can withdraw any amount they want from their TFSAs at any time, but as close to 55,000 people found out in warning packages from CRA recently, putting the money back can create a 1% per month penalty if it’s done at the wrong time.

Outlook On Banks Turns Negative

Posted in: Breaking News, Investment & Retirement, Current Issue, Canada bank bailout
On August 8th, Standard & Poor’s (S&P) revised its outlook on Canadian banks to “negative”. Why?

Onus of Proof on CRA

Posted in: Breaking News, Tax Planning, Current Issue, tax court
The Tax Court of Canada recently allowed an application for an extension to serve a notice of objection to an assessment. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the case was the dismal performance of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Evelyn Jacks: Back to Retirement Planning School

Posted in: Breaking News, Tax Planning, Current Issue, Evelyn Jacks, retirement planning
The fall “back to school” time provides a great opportunity enhance knowledge-based careers.

The Delusionary Testator

Posted in: Your Continuing Education, Distinguished Mastery, Succession & Estate Planning, Current Issue, Estate Planning, testamentary capacity
It is not uncommon for elderly people to form delusionary beliefs about those who should rightfully be named in their will.