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TFSA – (Perhaps Not) A Ticking Time Bomb? - Part 2

By: Evelyn Jacks Posted in: Breaking News, Investment & Retirement, Succession & Estate Planning, Tax Planning, Current Issue
Last week, we looked at the TFSA helping those who pay taxes on investment income. This week in part 2, we will look at savings opportunities for the middle class.

February Poll Results: Should taxpayers provide their email address on this year’s tax return?

Posted in: Breaking News, Current Issue
Almost 400 people took part in the Knowledge Bureau February poll, Should taxpayers provide their email address on this year's tax return?

Where Is My Refund and Who Does CRA Share it With? Part 2

By: Evelyn Jacks Posted in: Breaking News, Investment & Retirement, Tax Planning, Current Issue
Taxpayers and their advisors may consider this question more frequently as CRA pushes for more electronic communications, such as the provision of email addresses on this year’s tax return.

What Most People Don’t Know About Principal Residences (But Should) – Part 1

By: Walter Harder Posted in: Breaking News, News from the Bench, Succession & Estate Planning, Current Issue
This week I had a discussion with a client about what would happen when either he or his wife passed away. 

The “Cost of Borrowing” via Non-Compliance

By: Alan Rowell Posted in: Breaking News, Tax Planning, Current Issue
  The one thing about an electronic age – computers do exactly what they’re told to do – right or wrong!