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Summer Poll Results:  Shelter More RRSP Savings

Posted in: Breaking News, Current Issue
Our summer poll asked, “Should governments reconsider the opportunity to allow RRSP rollovers of retiring allowances and termination pay to an RRSP and/or a spousal RRSP?”  The majority of the respondents - 70.31% - voted yes; 29.69% cast a no vote, but there seemed to be confusion about the rules.

The Benefits Of Saving In A Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)

Posted in: Breaking News, Current Issue
It truly takes a village of financial support to help keep students out of a lifetime of debt. The RESP is a good savings vehicle for parents to consider, because it comes with a government “sweetener.”

Wildfires And Tax Audits: Relief Available But No Hall Pass

Posted in: Breaking News, Current Issue
Did you know that Canada suffers about 8,000 wildfires every year that ravage 2.5 million hectares of land1? This has been a particularly difficult year in BC and the northern prairies. CRA wants taxpayers affected by natural disasters to know that Taxpayer Relief Provisions are available to waive penalties and interest on taxes owing if tax filing is late as a result. But a tax return must still be filed.

How to Enrich Your Retirement: Get a Degree and Work for Government

By: Evelyn Jacks Posted in: Breaking News, Current Issue
Getting a university degree and then working in the public sector will make you richer in retirement, especially if you settle down and live as a couple. Highly educated people working in public administration, education, health care and social assistance will have higher incomes, more generous defined benefit plans, and more money to buy other wealth-enhancing assets, too.

The Distinguished Advisor Conference Young Advisors Award Winners Announced

Posted in: Breaking News, Current Issue
Knowledge Bureau and Manulife are pleased to announce that Keeley Doherty of Rorabeck Wealth Advisory Group, BMO Nesbitt Burns, and Brandon Silbermann, a financial advisor at Stockman Financial Services Ltd. and Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc., both located in Toronto, have been selected as the two inaugural winners of THE DAC YOUNG ADVISORS AWARD.