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Child Fitness Tax Credit Increased for 2014

Posted in: Breaking News, Tax Planning, Current Issue, Child Fitness Tax Credit
On October 9, 2014 the Federal government made good on an April 2011 election promise and increased the Child Fitness Tax Credit to $1,000 from the previous maximum of $500. 

Federal Pooled Registered Pension Plans Now Available

Posted in: Breaking News, Investment & Retirement, Tax Planning, Current Issue, pooled registered pension plans
On October 7, 2014 the final piece of the puzzle was put in place to allow federally regulated PRPPs to become a reality across Canada.

Crunching the EI Premium Numbers

Posted in: Breaking News, Tax Planning, Current Issue, EI premiums
Last week we reported on the New Small Business Job Credit will provide savings to small businesses through a reduction in EI premiums. This week, we’ll show you how employers will benefit.

Year End Donation Planning for Ontario Farmers

Posted in: Breaking News, Tax Planning, Current Issue, Ontario farmers, Ontario Community Food program
The new Ontario Community Food program Tax Credit is worth 25% of the fair market value of food donated to the community and it’s an innovative idea that may catch on with other provinces and the federal government. 

Evelyn Jacks: At Year End, Increase Investment Returns with Tax Planning

Posted in: Strategic Thinking, Tax Planning, Current Issue, year end tax planning
Tax planning is about what you keep to live your happy life with. It’s too bad so many people miss out by failing to think about year end tax planning in the family.

Knowledge Bureau Partners with Financial Post

Posted in: Strategic Thinking, Bookkeeping and Accounting, Investment & Retirement, Succession & Estate Planning, Tax Planning, Current Issue, Financial Literacy, financial education
(Winnipeg, MB) – On October 8, the new Financial Education Channel on the Financial Post, hosted by Knowledge Bureau, officially launched.