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Estimating Tax for 2016

By: Walter Harder Posted in: Breaking News, Current Issue
The new tax changes announced by the new Liberal government during their election campaign have been incorporated into Knowledge Bureau's Income Tax Estimator.

Managing Capital Losses: Four Discussion Points

By: Evelyn Jacks Posted in: Breaking News, Current Issue
The selling of capital assets is a permanent transaction, one that can lock in gains and losses and leave taxpayers with either positive or negative tax results. Structuring transfers of assets to family members can be just as precarious, without financial guidance from learned and experienced specialists, that is.

Tim Cestnick on Bridging Generations with Creative Planning

By : Knowledge Bureau Posted in: Breaking News, Current Issue
At this year’s Distinguished Advisors Conference (DAC), one of Canada’s most respected tax experts, Tim Cestnick, Managing Director of Advanced Wealth Planning at Scotiabank, offered insights into the six types of capital inherent in family wealth, and into using trusts to preserve as much financial capital as possible in a transfer of wealth.

Eric Klein on Unsuccession Planning

By : Knowledge Bureau Posted in: Breaking News, Current Issue
Eric Klein of Farber Financial Group got everyone’s attention at the Distinguished Advisor’s Conference (DAC) 2015, with his counter-intuitive (and often entertaining) presentation on “Unsuccession Planning.”

Knowledge Bureau 2016: Mark Your Calendar

By : Knowledge Bureau Posted in: Breaking News, Current Issue
With 2015 almost behind us, the time is now to start planning your educational calendar for 2016.

Demographic Trends: The Changing Face of Canada’s Women

By : Knowledge Bureau Posted in: Strategic Thinking, Current Issue
Canada possesses priceless resources, not just in its natural resources but also in new human resources—gems that are waiting to be uncovered. They are highly educated immigrant women, ready to contribute to the economy in a significant way.