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Who’s the Wealthiest in Canada?

Posted in: Breaking News, Economic News, Investment & Retirement, Current Issue, Canadian wealth
A new report entitled Haves and Have-Nots, was released by the Broadbent Institute from customized reports prepared for it by Statistics Canada from the Survey of Financial Security. 

Registration of Tax Preparer Program Responses: More Study Required

Posted in: Breaking News, CRA News, Tax Planning, Current Issue, RTPP
Resolution to seven key issues are required to make the RTPP (Registration of Tax Preparer Program) a success.

Test Your Knowledge: Top Ten Retirement Questions

Posted in: Breaking News, Investment News, Investment & Retirement, Current Issue, retirement questions
What’s a qualified tax efficient retirement income planner worth? A lot, it turns out, especially to clients who want to more effectively build net worth for retirement, but also to those who are frustrated with high taxes on their pension income and the lack of freedom that comes with eroded purchasing power on their savings.  

Six Key Issues In Practice Reform

Posted in: Breaking News, Practice Management, Investment & Retirement, Succession & Estate Planning, Tax Planning, Current Issue, practice reform
The sweet spot in wealth management statistically lies with the 55 plus crowd, whose net worth is the highest in Canada, but they are increasingly elusive, spending summers at the lake, and winters in the south.

Evelyn Jacks: Retirees Need Help Understanding Public Pensions

Posted in: Strategic Thinking, Investment & Retirement, Succession & Estate Planning, Tax Planning, Current Issue, Canada Pension Plan, old age security, public pension
People can retire at any age, but it is increasingly rare for people to simply go from earning income from employment or self-employment directly to withdrawing income from investments and other sources including pensions.

DAW: Still Time to Learn About Helping Retirees

Posted in: Strategic Thinking, Investment & Retirement, Succession & Estate Planning, Current Issue, Estate Planning, retirement planning, retirement forecasting
There is still time to join us at the Retirement and Estate Planning Bootcamp in Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto. Register online or call us at 1-866-953-4769 to register quickly and get all the details you need.