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This Week’s Edition of KBR:

September 2022 Poll

In your view is the maximum Tax-Free First Home Savings Account (maximum $40,000) a better home savings plan than the RRSP Home Buyer’s Plan (maximum $35,000)?
Yes: 171 votes
No: 116 votes

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Paul Bates:  A Tribute to an Exemplary Man

The financial services industry lost a highly respected member of its community.  Dr. Paul Bates, M.T.S., DPT, FCPA, FCMA, CMC who was an exemplary, accomplished man, a fellow financial author and educator, an outstanding humanitarian and family man, and for so many of us, a true and dear friend. 

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DAC Acuity 2022: Incorporating Alternative Investments into Client Portfolios

An exciting development over the past few decades has been the democratization of alternative investments, bringing these once exclusive set of investments to an ever-increasing group of investors. Advisors must be ready to discuss these products and help their clients navigate the risks and opportunities within the current market.  The alternative investment session at DAC Oct 16-18, led by Jennifer Louth, Sr. Learning Consultant FT Academy, Franklin Templeton, covers all of that and more. 

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Right Approach? OAS Increase for 75+ Seniors

Last month’s poll in Knowledge Bureau Report asked  “Do you think that seniors over the age of 75 should continue to get the 10% increase in their Old Age Security benefits which began in July of 2022?”  Overwhelmingly the answer was yes:  89% for it; 11% against.  The comments that accompanied the vote were eye-opening.

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New Luxury Tax: On Bentleys, Boats and Some Items Over $100,000

In the April 2022 Federal Budget, the government announced its intention to add an additional tax on “luxury items.”  This new tax was included in Bill C-19, which became law on June 23, 2022, and collection of the tax began on September 1.  Items sold prior to September 1 are not subject to the tax even if delivery takes place after September 1.

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Risk Management Reviews Important in Light of Higher Inflation

With the recent spike in inflation, planners need to re-evaluate their financial plans.  I’ve previously written about revisiting the long-term mortgage amortization projections with rising interest rates and the impact of rising costs to cash flow (With Mortgage Rates Rising, Revisit Financial Plans).

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