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A thorough analysis of today’s financial news—delivered weekly to your inbox or via social media. As part of Knowledge Bureau’s interactive network, the Report covers current issues on the tax and financial services landscape and provides a wide range of professional benefits, including access to peer-to-peer blogs, opinion polls, online lessons, and vital industry information from Canada’s only multi-disciplinary financial educator.

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In your view, have recent federal tax changes contributed to economic resilience and powerful competition in Canada?
Yes: 26 votes
No: 167 votes

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Are You an Influential Leader? It’s Quite Possible!

Good leaders are hard to find. It’s a secret ingredient for business and career growth because these skills can help you navigate the significant changes that are occurring in the economy today. Why does it matter? Because you will be better able to grow a highly engaged team for your mutual success. It's the key reason why the Business Builder Retreat (BBR), this November in Puerto Vallarta, is such an important learning opportunity. You’ll be treated to the wisdoms and experience of Knowledge Bureau author of the course Business Leadership, Culture, and Continuity, Joanne Sigurdson who will be joined by 7 other compelling speakers and holistic health practitioners to enlighten you as you build your strategic leadership skills.

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DAC Delegates in the News: Chenine Humphrey, DFA – Bookkeeping Services Specialist™

Chenine Humphrey attended the Distinguished Advisor Conference (DAC) for the third consecutive year and shares her enthusiasm for the experience: “I literally sat riveted at the edge of my seat, gleaning a wealth of information and knowledge throughout the conference!”

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Recession-Proofing:  Economic Resilience Key to Weathering a Potential Storm

With increasing fears of an imminent recession on the horizon, it is useful to remember September 15, 2008. That’s when the fourth largest investment bank in the U.S., Lehman Brothers, applied for the largest bankruptcy filing in U.S. history. It was a shock that exasperated the financial crisis that followed. Does the Canadian economy have the economic resilience to compete powerfully through another dramatic downturn? It’s the heady theme advisors will explore at this year’s Distinguished Advisor Conference, November 10-13 in Puerto Vallarta, together with 19 outstanding thought leaders. Meet them and their interesting topics in this Special Report.

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DAC Delegates in the News -  Rosanna Sternat, CPA, CGA

Rosanna Sternat, CPA, CGA has attended the Distinguished Advisor Conference (DAC) for six consecutive years. She shares how the educational experience has benefited her public accounting practice in Selkirk, Manitoba.

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Why DAC? What Prior Delegates Have Said

DAC is an outstanding investment for advisors who wish to excel.  Who are they?  They are professionals dedicated to growing their services and careers with strategic insights and an outstanding national network.  Here’s what they have experienced at prior DACs:

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