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In your view, will the March 15 and June 15 instalment payments for your clients be reduced?
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Newly Updated Course: Accounting for Solopreneurs as Unemployment Soars

The “gig economy” is on the rise, it is estimated that close to 45% of the workforce in North America is now self-employed and more specifically, 40% of Millennials in Canada.  A new course from Knowledge Bureau is providing tax and bookkeeping practitioners with the critical skills to help these new “solopreneurs” in multiple sectors:  builders, retail outlets, importers/exporters and a variety of agricultural ventures as well as non-profits.    

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RSVP Now: The Next High-Demand CE Summit is May 20

Are you a regular, raving fan and attendee of the CE Summits? Now is the right time to RSVP and secure your spot at the lowest tuition fees.  Act by March 1 and save over $230 on the next four events.  Coming up next:  the annual Post-Budget Overview and its effect on Retirement & Estate Planning.   Here’s a look at the speaker lineup:

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Pre-Budget Tax Consultations

Have you completed the pre-budget consultations questionnaire the Finance Department has posted?  The government wants your feedback, but are the questions posed relevant?  Notably absent are personal and business tax topics, and the opportunity to provide your thoughts on the effect of long-term debt on the future value of Canadians’ retirement savings.  Perhaps most puzzling is the lack of vision for the future of the world of work and specifically, the role of small businesses in the economic recovery. Contributing to the conversation is, however,  important to bring your “feet-on-the-street” perspective.

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CRA Double Dip: Home Renos and Medical Expenses

When alterations are made to a home to allow a taxpayer or a dependant be more mobile or functional within the home, it’s possible to accomplish a rare, and legal double-dip on the 2020 tax return.  Specifically there are two tax provisions to look to for tax savings.

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Economic Recovery: Tax Reforms Play Key Role

The right tax structure is critical for post-pandemic economic recovery as fragile, debt-laden governments and businesses alike venture out of crisis towards economic stability.  The Fraser Institute, in a new analysis, makes an interesting case for consumption taxes to minimize the potential damage to economic growth from other forms of taxation.

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