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Do you believe a potential anti-flipping capital gains tax on principal residences is a good idea?
Yes: 117 votes
No: 104 votes

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New Online CE Credit Course: Audit Defence for Small Business Owners

Are you working with small business owners who have received pandemic wage or rent supports?  Knowledge Bureau’s new Audit Defence: Managing Tax Risk for Small Business Owners is an online certificate course that helps advisors position small business owners for success for potential tax audits in 2021- 2023 with a concise pathway to navigate the complex rules and comprehensive documentation they will need to satisfy queries from clients and manage risk with the CRA.

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Gratitute and Thanks

At a time when many have lost their health, suffered the loss of their loved ones, their livelihoods and/or the exhaustion that threatens their resolve, we give thanks for the spirit of human resilience and kindness that emerges in every crisis.  It is important to remember that no matter how dark the clouds, we only need to get through the challenges of today to bring forward the bright promise of an incredibly vibrant tomorrow.  

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Tax Literacy Matters: RRSP Earned Income Definition

Have you ever tried to explain the definition of earned income for RRSP purposes to a new client?  It is a daunting but important task, as clients who embrace the annual savings ritual can and will accumulate significant tax savings and as a by-product, significant financial wealth.   However, the astute tax or financial advisor, in the role of financial educator, can make all the difference in the end results.

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High Time: Holistic Tax Reform

Tinkering with tax reforms may not be in the best interests of Canada’s emerging new economy.   Rather, this may just be the right time for a significant holistic review, especially in anticipation of a variety of provisions recently announced in election platforms:  higher income taxes rates for some, a luxury tax and a wealth tax for others, a new minimum tax, or new capital gains taxes. Thoughts on tax change from experienced tax and financial advisors are important.  Here’s why:   

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Inter-Spousal Loan Planning: Prescribed Interest Rates Stay at 1%

Prescribed interest rates have remained unchanged throughout the pandemic and will remain at 1% for the fourth quarter of 2021.  It’s a good idea to discuss this opportunity with clients well before year-end, while CRA’s prescribed interest rate for interspousal loans is still at this low level. It’s a tax planning ritual not-to-be-missed, especially with high net worth clients.

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