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Do you agree with the extension of the CERB payment? Tell us why or why not.
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Who is the MFA-P™?

The strategic philanthropic solution taught in the MFA-P™ designation program takes a multi-stakeholder approach to giving.  This new designation will empower clients to give more effectively because of their collaboration with you.  If you are interested in this credential, be sure to enroll by June 30 and save $500. Here are more program details:

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The Soft Skills Matter in Tax Services

Tax Services Specialists must have more than precise technical and research skills; for them, the soft skills matter in building long term relationships with their clients and various regulators. Now more than ever, Canadians need caring support and someone to help them navigate the complex tax and financial repercussions of the pandemic and associated benefit programs. Read on for the soft skills and processes that will allow tax specialists to fulfill an essential service.

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The CERB Tax Quagmire

The CERB payments have been extended for an additional 8 weeks to a total of 24 weeks, available under the same eligibility criteria, but with one caveat: Canadians should make an effort to return to work. In addition, those abusing CERB guidelines must repay them to avoid stiff penalties. The resulting broad-based complexity with the CERB will ensure a tax compliance quagmire for recipients next year. Here’s what you need to know:

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Still Delayed: Help for DTC Recipients

On June 5, the Prime Minister announced two new response benefits to help Canadians through the pandemic. But the promised Disability Tax Credit (DTC) top-up payments and help for the provinces in a “Safe-Restart” Agreement have been delayed as other parties opposed the passing of the bill. Here’s what was proposed:

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Most Have Filed T1s, But New Tax Deadlines Loom

According to the most recent tax filing statistics, the majority of Canadians chose to abide by the extended June 1 tax filing deadline even though late filing penalties and interest won’t apply until September 1. But that doesn’t mean that tax season is over – there are some important filing deadlines on the horizon, and that matters because CRA is officially resuming audit activity.

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