Which Employee Benefits Are Taxable?

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A couple of weeks ago, the financial news of the day involved a controversy about the taxation of employee benefits.   CRA was enforcing its interpretation of the law in relation to the taxation of the benefit of receiving employee discounts at work. After a political outcry, CRA backed down, leaving several question marks.

Final Tax Instalment for 2017:  Help Clients Budget for Savings and Holidays

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Do you need more cash flow before Christmas?  It’s a great question for tax and financial advisors to ask their clients who are pensioners, divorces or proprietors.  That’s because the final quarterly tax instalment of the year is coming up soon – December 15 – and with proper planning, it might be avoided.

Financial Professionals Agree that the Demise of Canada Savings Bond is Appropriate

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Our October Poll delivered surprising results regarding the demise of The Canada Savings Bond. Most financial professionals polled agreed, indicating that TFSAs are a better alternative. However, it’s clear that some Canadians attribute nostalgic value to CSBs.

Life Purpose - Success

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“You cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure.” —Zig Ziglar

Keeping Businesses in the Family Through Financial Planning

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Statistics show that only 30 per cent of businesses are transitioned to the next generation. However, we’re entering a time when family businesses are going to play a much more integral role in economic growth and development. Why is this, and what does that mean for advisors and tax professionals?

Outstanding Canadian Performers to Headline at DAC

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Delegates attending the Distinguished Advisor Conference in Kelowna from November 5-8 will be treated with the opportunity to hear 18 illustrious speakers, including two cutting-edge digital innovation experts, renowned tax experts and leading insurance and investment specialists. They will also be treated to performances by three incredible Canadian entertainers at the DAC150 Gala.