Employee Stock Options: Five Tax Tips You Need to Know

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Within today’s rapidly emerging new economy, many employers are enticing new talent with employee stock option plans: the opportunity to purchase shares in their corporations at some future date, at today’s lower price. But there are tax consequences. What do employees need to know?

Tax History: The Middle Class and Their Taxes

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It’s a new tax year and 2018 marks the 101st anniversary of the first income taxes in Canada. Back in the early fall of 1917, Canada’s “War Income Tax” was introduced, and there are still many who think, wrongly, that income taxes in Canada are a temporary measure. But has much changed since 1917? The answer is yes!

Debt Management Series: What Is Revolving Credit?

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An integral part of debt management is ensuring that your clients understand how various forms of credit work, including revolving credit. Advisors, we’ve prepared this resource to share with your clients.

Employment Opportunities for New Canadians: Statistics Point to Financial Services

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Statistics show that the more education Canadians have, the better their chances of employment. This is especially true for newcomers to Canada. In that regard, the tax and financial services industries offer great opportunities for those ready to start their new lives and careers in Canada.

Leadership Development: Maintain Your Humility as You Develop Knowledge and Confidence

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As Knowledge Bureau unveils our new Executive Business Builder Program, increasing our focus on leadership education and development in 2018, it’s important to explore what makes a great leader. Today we’ll focus on confidence vs humility. . .when it comes to leadership, what matters more?  Join us in discussing this topic on our Executive Business Builders Network.

Tax Tip: Infirm or Disabled: What’s the Difference for Tax Purposes?

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Caring for a loved one with a disability?  CRA may contact you to verify your claim for the new Canada Caregiver Amount or the Disability Amount. For these reasons, it’s important to draw the distinction between “infirm” and “disabled,” for different provisions on the tax return.