Legalization Creates Tax Ambiguity for Marijuana Users

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Today is the day that marijuana officially becomes legal in Canada. Yet grey areas remain, leaving Canadians uncertain and concerned about consequences: from personal and excise tax rules, to medical expense claims, to cross-border and insurance underwriting changes.

Lucrative Year-End Tax Claims

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The claims for medical expenses incurred for travel and modifying your home can be quite lucrative, but you’ll need to know what documentation to keep, because these are two areas that can attract the tax auditor. Here’s what you need to know:

Business Owners, Is the CRA Serving You Better?

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As year-end approaches, financial professionals continue to give mixed reviews on whether or not Canada’s tax system is improving – particularly for the business community. To address these concerns, the CRA has announced a new initiative called Serving You Better, and is requesting consultation from financial professionals and owners of small and medium-sized businesses.

Constructive Listening to Engage Culturally Diverse Clients

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Many of your future clients and associates may not be Canadian-born, but reaching out to all populations and cultures can help you scale up your business, and make an important contribution to Canadian progressivity. What are the best practices to succeed in engaging clients within your diverse client-base? Daniel Collison will explore this important issue at DAC, Nov. 11-14 in Quebec City.

Education: The Secret to Joining the Millionaires’ Club

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Global wealth is on the rise. Over the past decade, it’s increased by 27 percent*; and estimates show that by 2022, global median wealth will grow to $341 trillion USD, with the number of millionaires worldwide totaling 44 million,** a 22 percent increase from today. Remaining in the market since the financial crisis ten years ago has been prosperous for many investors – but how can average Canadians join the growing millionaires’ club?

Graduates in the News: Wayne Blackmere

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“When a company invests in employee training and development, employees feel valued and appreciated. I am thrilled to offer extra learning opportunities to my employees through the Knowledge Bureau,” says Wayne Blackmere, DFA - Tax Services Specialist and Liberty Tax Franchise Owner.