Business Builder Retreat: Find Balance for More Effective Leadership

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Having trouble relaxing on your summer vacation? You’re not alone. Two-thirds of Canadians work more than 45 hours a week. Of these individuals, only 23 percent are satisfied with their quality of life, which hinges on work-life balance. It’s also widely accepted that entrepreneurs and business owners work significantly more than the average worker – and that can negatively impact effective leadership and corporate culture when self-care isn’t a priority.

Protecting Investors’ Best Interests: It’s Been a Long Journey

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On June 21st the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) released a harmonized set of proposals that requires investment industry representatives (registrants) to promote the best interests of their clients and put them first, to improve client outcomes. It’s something most clients would expect of their professional advisors; yet there are several investor protection concerns to address.

Young Advisors: The Millennial Market Rocks Retirement Planning

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Are Millennials really that unmotivated, and underperforming? Not according to an important new study. In fact, it turns out that Millennials may be ahead of their parents when it comes to retirement planning, an important trend for young tax and financial advisors looking to build their practices with peer group clients.

Buy Canadian: But at What Cost?

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It could be a “Buy-Canadian” summer as trade tensions escalating between Canada and U.S. are starting a movement towards economic nationalism throughout Canada. But that comes at a cost - can you afford to spend more? Canadians currently have over $2 Trillion in debt, according to the Bank of Canada, and increased spending could dig a deeper hole.

CRA Improves Services Standards: Their New Three-Point Plan

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Last year, the Canada Revenue Agency received extensive criticism for failing to meet basic service standards. But things have recently improved at the CRA; 74 percent of calls are being answered by an agent or auto assistant, compared to the mere 37 percent in 2015, which prompted this fall’s Auditor General Report. The CRA now intends to ensure things get even better, and responded to the criticisms on June 12, 2018 with a three-point action plan.