Tax Tips: Checklist for Rental Property Owners

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Returns that include income from rental properties are often audited, so, it’s important to consider your increased tax compliance burden as a real estate investor. If this is your first year with a rental property, it’s especially important to set up the tax reporting and documentation properly for an audit-proof experience. Use this checklist to help:

Tax Pros Endorse Paper-Filing Tax Returns

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Between February 12, 2018 and January 6, 2019, only 13.1% of all tax returns (totaling 3.9 million) were paper-filed. With the vast majority of Canadians now filing electronically, we asked Knowledge Bureau Report readers whether paper-filing should be continued. A resounding 89% of respondents said “yes.”  Here’s why:

Young Generations at Risk: Increased Tax Burdens

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New data shows that younger generations face a higher tax burden than the generations before them. In addition, they anticipate having to fund a higher proportion of their retirement with personal savings, as few will have pensions or inheritances to fall back on. They will need help from highly trained Real Wealth Managers who understand their fiscal plight and are willing to build long term relationships.

Managing Financial Controls: Professional Advice Includes Digital Risk Management

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Like many industries today, the bookkeeping, tax filing and financial services are undergoing a major transformation. A key issue that’s emerging: the control of private financial data and after-tax results in a digital world. Highly-trained specialists, can bring big value as financial intermediaries and risk managers for their clients who are concerned about control of their financial records.

10 Reasons to Prioritize Succession Planning

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Family businesses are facing the most explosive challenge in a generation.  A new book by Jenifer Bartman and Evelyn Jacks addresses the challenge head on, and explains how advisors and their clients who are business leaders can defuse this potential time bomb: late succession planning.  Advisors can also shore up their professional skills by studying the problem in depth in a new certificate course from Knowledge Bureau.