Year-End Tax Tip: Brush Up on Medical Expenses

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Claiming medical expenses can be painful for most taxpayers: there are so many receipts and tiny numbers involved. But it can be worthwhile, especially if you schedule your dental and medical treatments in a tax-savvy manner before year-end.

Women Make Strides in Financial Services

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The financial services industry has traditionally been male dominated, but a shift has started to occur, with more emphasis placed upon supporting female growth in this field. Also important, is a new Statistics Canada Report which notes that women-owned service industry businesses are experiencing higher growth rates than those owned by men, which bodes well for female leaders in the tax and financial services.

Tax Relief for Armed Forces: Were Claims Filed Correctly?

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Members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) received $85 Million in extra tax relief in the 2017 tax year, but some may have missed the opportunity when filing. As part of year-end tax planning communications, professionals working with CAF clients may wish to revisit any recent claims for the deductions available to police and Canadian Forces personnel.

USMCA Makes Progress for Aboriginal and Indigenous Inclusivity

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Unfortunately, Senator McCallum has informed us she is unable to attend the Distinguished Advisor Conference this year. Instead we will hear from Dan Collison who will speak to this important topic: YOUR NEW IDEAL CLIENT: How Constructive Listening Helps Engage Culturally Diverse Clients. Check it out and register by October 31!

The Right Professional Education for a New Economy

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The tax preparation industry is undergoing massive change: from jobs that required data entry skills to professional advice that focuses on the best after-tax results for the client and his or her family. That requires a new educational solution for those who want to build a career in this rewarding industry.

Graduates in the News – Troy Harrison

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Troy Harrison of Winnipeg, shares why investing in education as an advisor, isn’t just about career advancement. Education also helps advisors forge trust with clients.  His focus now is to cultivate and nurture his client relationships and inspire other advisors to do the same.