Tax Season 2018: Your Advice Starts Here and Now

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Tax and financial advisors are in agreement—the Canada Revenue Agency’s audit practices are more aggressive than ever. Now that the deadline has passed for filing 2017 personal income tax, it’s already time to prepare your clients for success in the 2018 tax season. Knowledge Bureau offers the education and support you need to mitigate the tax-audit risks that could cost you and your clients, and maximize their benefits and deductions.

Business Leaders: It’s Critical to Continue to Hone Key Skills

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Do you have leadership goals, despite your experience? Do you want to continue to develop as a more effective leader as you grow your career and build your business? There are now three new ways to do so, all in one exciting program.

Overcoming Fake News: The Value of Professional Advice

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Media giants like Facebook and Google heavily influence the resources available to internet users and it’s creating skepticism among Canadians who are questioning whether they can trust that they’re finding valuable, accurate information to guide their important financial decisions, and rightly so. This environment of doubt and uncertainty is an opportunity for astute tax and financial advisors to shine.

Childcare Trends: Statistics Influencing Universal Funding Proposals

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The federal government has pledged to put $7 Billion in funding into childcare support, and some provinces intend to add more. Do you think this is a good idea? Statistics Canada released data in October 2014 focusing on who uses childcare in Canada, which may impact your opinion. Weigh in and share your thoughts before this month’s poll closes.

Improve Your Returns:  Life Changes That Affect Tax Filing

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The April 30 tax filing deadline is fast approaching. If you experienced any major life changes in 2017, make sure these are reflected in your returns, as they could impact the size of your refund or subject you to an audit. Read on to learn what these events are, and how you should handle them – before it’s too late!

Commonly Missed Medical Expenses: Dig for Tax Savings

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Medical expenses are among the most commonly overlooked tax provisions. But, it’s important to pay attention to unreimbursed medical expenses and to claim them, as they can be used to reduce taxes payable. Don’t miss out on these deductions! Before you file your 2017 tax return, use this checklist of often-missed allowable medical expenses to your benefit.