Life Purpose – The Importance of Education

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“Learning is not compulsory... neither is survival.” —W. Edwards Deming

Combating Fake News & DIY Wealth Management Trends

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As a society, we have become over-confident that we can do anything, whether or not we have the skills and knowledge to, because of the wealth of information that’s available at our fingertips. Unfortunately, in the era of fake news, it becomes challenging to discern fact from fiction.

Weekly Thought Provoker: Relationship Management Strategies

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Join our online discussion: How do you overcome threats through relationship management?

People in the News

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Kent Coulter, a wealth manager in Edmonton, lauds the benefits of the Distinguished Advisor Conference

Changes to CPP Will Reduce OAS Benefits for Thousands: How Can You Help?

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Upcoming changes to the Canada Pension Plan are intended to boost retirement incomes, but for many the opposite will be true, a recent report from Canada’s Chief Actuary finds.

New Canadian Tax Reforms Fail to Address Modern Challenges

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Just how much is too much tax? For whom? In case you missed it, Canada is in the midst of a contentious tax reform that increasingly advocates the defeated reforms of yester-year.