CE Summits: Go for Two or More and Save!

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Did you know that you can save a bundle if you register for two or more of the upcoming CE Summits?

People in the News

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Brian Dunn, CPA, CMA, from Calgary, AB, shares his thoughts about the T1 Professional Tax Preparation – Basic course:

Do Passive Investments in a CCPC Still Make Sense?

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The federal government is on the hunt for new tax revenue from Canada’s small businesses, mainly because of an erosion of the personal tax base and a significant shift of taxable income to the corporate tax base instead.

July Poll Results: It’s (Almost) Unanimous!

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In July, we asked you to vote on the following question: Does CRA do enough to ensure Canadians understand income tax and GST/HST implications of flipping personal residences? (For example, taxable dispositions require repayment of new housing rebates.)

Something New for Teachers: A School Supplies Tax Credit

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We may be in the dog days of summer, but before you know it teachers will be planning for the fall of 2017, and in the process may be spending their own money to buy new school supplies.

Marriage Breakdown? Who Claims the Tax Credits?

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The Canada Child Benefit (CCB) and Goods and Services/Harmonized Sales Tax Credit (GSTC) are both calculated based on net family income from the prior tax year.