Fall Economic Statement: Low Earners Benefit from Strong Economy

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On October 24, 2017, Finance Canada issued the Fall Economic Statement, which forecasts better-than-expected economic growth, at least in the shorter term.  The resulting increase in tax revenues have blessed the department with new funds for spending priorities; notably to help families with children and the working poor.

Disability Tax Credits Change Highlights Audit-Proofing

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Audit-proofing strategies must be implemented by tax professionals and their diabetic clients receiving disability tax credits in light of the CRA’s new interpretation of the rules.

Decline in EI Beneficiaries Points to a Strong Canadian Economy

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The latest numbers from Statistics Canada report a decrease in the number of regular Employment Insurance (EI) beneficiaries, supporting the overall strength of the Canadian economy, reported yesterday by the Finance Minister.

Capital Gains Deduction Part III: Changing the Rules, Again

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The federal government has recently back-tracked on their plan to limit access to the capital gains deduction available to shareholders in a family business corporation, and that’s a very good thing, as the proposals would have cost family businesses a lot of money.

Advisors’ Approach to Retirement Planning – What’s New?

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The world has changed dramatically over the last couple of decades—and that requires that tax and financial advisors adapt their strategies for pre-retirees. Recognizing the current economic and societal changes drivers, it appears that  debt management, and debt reduction strategies at various life stages, require more attention. This will be a key planning theme at Knowledge Bureau’s upcoming CE Summits.

The Pot Factor:  Authenticity Matters in Insurance Planning

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The legalization of Marijuana is coming  in time for Canada’s next birthday party, reflecting new government priorities, and unique societal trends.  This indeed will impact the work tax and financial advisors do. Your clients may or may not want to talk to you about this.  Yet, insurance and financial advisors need to understand the financial implications of this major change in Canada.  This year’s Distinguished Advisor Conference will help prepare for the issues you need to discuss in a world filled with disruption — including the legalization of marijuana.