Thought Leaders: Do You Have an Entrepreneurial Mindset?

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Creating opportunities for the financial services industry to thrive despite current and upcoming threats, means recognizing and fostering the development of other innovative, creative and entrepreneurial minds. We’d like you to share your thoughts on our new Executive Business Builders Network.

Retirement Advice Key as Canadians Fall Short on Savings Goals

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Three-quarters of Canadians say they have saved 25 per cent or less of what they feel they need to retire, according to a Canadian Payroll Association survey. Financial advisors are well-positioned to help.

Canada “Celebrates” 100 Years of Income Tax

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National income tax is such a given in western economies that we lump it in with death as being unavoidable and portray the “Taxman” as some kind of grim reaper. But, in reality, federal income tax is a fairly recent invention — in Canada, we’ve just now reached the 100-year anniversary of the practice.