Little-Known Tax Relief for Student Loans

By : Knowledge Bureau Staff Posted in: Strategic Thinking
Student loan indebtedness is a burden that often haunts graduates for many years after they have completed their post-secondary education. According to a Statistics Canada report from 2012, the average university student’s debt is $21,700. Fortunately, there is some relief on the tax return.

2017 Provincial Budget Roundup: Part 2

By: Walter Harder Posted in: Strategic Thinking
This is the second in the Provincial Budget Roundup series. This week, we present a brief summary of the tax provisions from the western and prairie provinces:

Should You Take Your CPP Early or Late?

By: Evelyn Jacks Posted in: Strategic Thinking
Are you thinking about retiring soon?  One important consideration in this process is whether you should start your Canada Pension Plan benefits early or late. Now that tax season is over for most people (proprietors have until June 15 to file their returns), this is a question tax specialists and their pre-retiring clients should be discussing sooner rather than later. In fact, anticipating the after-tax consequences of this decision can help spur on broader retirement planning activities.

Focus on Canadian Financial Authors: Advice for Women who are Suddenly on Their Own

By : Jackie Porter, CFP Posted in: Strategic Thinking
Jackie Porter, CFP, co-author of Single by Choice or Chance: The Smart Women’s Guide to Living Longer Better has some useful advice for women over forty who find themselves single after an unexpected life change:

T1 Tax Preparation – Advanced: Now Fully Updated

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With the pressure of tax season over for all but the remaining proprietorship returns (due midnight June 15), it’s a great time to debrief about the skills that were required this tax season and how to shore them up for the next.

The Top 5 Reasons to Attend the Distinguished Advisor Conference

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What are the top five reasons why busy people make time to attend conferences, just when they think they can least afford the time? You might be surprised by some of the reasons that people give us for attending the Distinguished Advisor Conference (DAC).