Child Benefit Enhancements: Government Improves Access to Social Benefits

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The Canada Child Benefit (CCB) will increase this July for families that filed a 2017 tax return. However, the requirement to file a tax return is just one of the reasons why thousands of Canadians can’t access these generous, tax free benefits. The government will soon spend more on awareness; but the tax and financial services community can assist, too.

Leave Your Legacy: A Gift to Family

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Father’s Day is coming up soon, and it’s a time to make and share memories. Wouldn’t it be a  wonderful gesture to start a new tradition:  to leave not only a financial legacy to the ones you love, but also the gift of family history at a time like this?  Financial advisors can encourage families to do so, as part of their retirement and legacy planning.

The Middle Class Is Shrinking: Your Expert Advice Is Needed

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One major goal of the 2018 federal budget was to strengthen the middle class which keeps shrinking in Canada. There is meaningful opportunity for tax and financial advisors to do the work necessary to help their middle clients and improve Canada’s economic future in the process.

Sneak Peek! Add Tax Consultancy to Your Services

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As the owner-manager of a thriving tax preparation, bookkeeping, accounting or financial services practice, your future success is dependent upon the knowledge and skills of your team, especially with technological advances. It's time to go beyond the basics and learn more about providing tax consultancy services. The newly updated Intermediate Personal Tax Preparation can help!

Succession Planning: It Hinges on Leadership Development

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As Canadian baby boomers retire, it’s been estimated that $10 Trillion in small-business assets will change hands in Canada over the course of a decade*. We’re entering the peak point of this transition, according to economic forecasting, between now and 2025. Canadian business owners, in particular, have a lot to lose, if their succession planning is left on the back burner:  their retirement security.

Avoid Tax Traps: Estimate Your 2018 Taxes Due

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The June 15 tax filing deadline for proprietorships is just around the corner.  But, there’s another problem soon to befall delinquent taxpayers:  the tax collector is coming if you haven’t paid up, and you can expect a “no excuses” approach.