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Robbyn Swiscoski sings her praises of the T1 Professional Tax Preparation – Advanced Course

Gentle Reminder: Knowledge Bureau’s Taking a Summer Break

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We hope that you’ve been enjoying the summer while you’ve been working away on your next designation, diploma or certificate. It’s our turn now to take a short break and get out into the sun!

TFSA Investors: You Have to Know the Fine Print

By: Evelyn Jacks Posted in: Strategic Thinking, Tax Planning
Investors and day traders beware: CRA is looking to collect $75 Million in taxes and penalties due to mistakes investors are making in their TFSAs. What’s at stake is the possible repayment of most of the investment, once penalties and interest are factored in. However, taxpayers may have more rights than may appear at first glance.

Investors Beware: Foreign Exchange Transactions Can Be Taxing

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According to the Bank of Canada, the record low for the Canadian dollar against the US dollar, since October 1950, was recorded on the January 21, 2002 — just over 15 years ago — when the loonie was worth just sixty-two cents. But there have been some rebounds lately; and this means for some, there may be a tax consequence.

Is Your Retiring Client Too Successful? Eight Tax Savers Can Help

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As Canadians, we’re encouraged —conditioned even — for most of our working lives to save as much as we can for retirement in an RRSP and to take advantage of the resulting tax savings and deferral. It’s a great deal. So, what happens in retirement when your clients’ savings have exceeded expectations and are now taxable?

The “New” Sandwich Generation Need Both Financial and Emotional Support

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A demographic shift has been happening since 2000: the Canadian population continues to age and live longer, such that the number of seniors is becoming larger than the number of young people under 20, according to Statistics Canada. Financial advisors need to be concerned about the “new” Sandwich Generation.