Inflation Hits High Point: Continues Upward Trend to 2.5%

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Inflation has hit its highest point since February 2012’s 2.6%. It now sits at a lofty 2.5%, and is expected to hold steady until the second half of 2019. Poorly understood, inflation, together with high taxes and rising interest rates, is a great wealth eroder.

Thought Leadership from an Olympian: Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

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Addressing workplace diversity and inclusion is a core approach for achieving the higher standards of care demanded of today’s tax consultants and financial advisors. But what does it take to rise above our “Canadian Privilege” to achieve better results for a changing demographic landscape in your advisory practice?

CPP Benefit Enhancements: An Alternative to Private Plans and Pensions

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Will the CPP be enough to provide security in retirement? That’s a big question for many who face higher premiums for the mandatory plan starting in January of 2019. But to get the most out of your CPP, it pays to get some professional advice.

12 Essential Year-End Tax Planning Questions

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Complex new tax rules were introduced for 2018 and 2019. Tax accountants, wealth advisors, and taxpayers will need to follow the “after-tax lifeline” of an invested personal or corporate dollar with 12 planning strategies.

The Complex World of Business Partnerships

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Are you considering owning a business with a partner? It’s a great opportunity to hone your leadership skills, especially if you’re making the transition from employment to self-employment. But, you may want to think twice: partnerships can be tricky business.

$110 Million Owing on TFSA Audits

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Over the past year, the Canada Revenue Agency has made it a priority to collect on what they’ve deemed to be over $100 Million in unpaid taxes on TFSA investments. But can investors fight back?