Legalized Marijuana May Present New Business Liabilities

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Cannabis problems at work? It’s one grey area that remains following Canada’s recent marijuana legalization, and employers need to know their obligations with regard to accommodating employees with addictions. Lawyer Philippe Richer weighs in on this important employment issue, which he says is the single largest area of potential liability for businesses.

Take Up Rate for Canada’s Federal Benefits is Extremely Low

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New data shows just how many Canadians lack access to federal benefits they’re eligible to receive. This was a topic of discussion with Pierre Labbee, an outreach manager for the Canada Education Savings Program at the recent Distinguished Advisor Conference. But now an annual benefit review of the Canada Child Benefit reveals that this benefit in particular is underused, despite it being accessible to millions, and one of the reasons is a difficult relationship with the CRA.

Highlights of the 15th Annual Distinguished Advisor Conference

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Knowledge Bureau celebrated a joyous 15th anniversary with 150 delegates as part of an outstanding program of topics and inspirational messages by all the gifted speakers at the Distinguished Advisor Conference in Quebec City. If you missed out, here are some highlights to inspire you to attend next year’s hot conference in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, November 10-13.

Delegates Rave About the Business Builder Retreat

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The first Business Builder Retreat hosted by Knowledge Bureau was a resounding success, according to attendees intent on rejuvenation and leadership skill development at this exclusive Distinguished Advisor Conference (DAC) event.

Lack of Risk Management Understanding Creates Opportunity

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The markets have been experiencing more volatility lately and Knowledge Bureau Report’s October poll has uncovered an important opportunity for wealth advisors within the fray. The majority, 89.01 percent of respondants, told us that Canadians don’t understand their capacity for risk-taking – which is measurable - and this affects their level of risk tolerance when markets fluctuate.

CPP Increases for 2019

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The maximum Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributory earnings are indexed annually based on inflation. For 2019, indexation resulted in a 2.68 percent increase over 2018.