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New Mutual Fund Rules: Tax Certainty Losses for Retirement Savers

By : Christine Steendam Posted in: Strategic Thinking
Taxpayers may be rightly concerned about three new provisions regarding the taxation of mutual funds and ETFs. These changes affect retirement income certainty for Boomers’ investment funds that will be subject to new income calculations on redemptions of the investments, starting with fiscal years that begin after March 19, 2019.

Employment Insurance Options: Do We Really Need More?

By : Beth Graddon Posted in: Strategic Thinking
The government continues to expand the Employment Insurance (EI) benefits available to Canadians, most recently to enable workers to take training supported with the new Canada Training Credit. But, when statistics show that EI take-up rates are on the decline*, are increases in EI premiums warranted?

Good News for Seniors: GIS Clawbacks Reduced

By : Walter Harder & Beth Graddon Posted in: Strategic Thinking
Old Age Security (OAS) and Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) benefits payable were released on April 1 for the second quarter -  but unfortunately, seniors won’t be getting a raise. However, there is some good news about Canada’s public pension system, especially for low-income seniors who have employment or self-employment earnings, and for tens of thousands of seniors who haven’t been getting their CPP benefits.

Carbon Taxes Start, But Businesses Remain in the Dark

By : Beth Graddon Posted in: Strategic Thinking
Although taxpayers have been provided with tax rebates to offset the new carbon pricing system that rolled out in four Canadian provinces on April 1, small to medium-sized businesses are facing new costs, and remain in the dark about how the government intends to help them.

Poll Results: Retirement is Really About Envisioning a Multi-Faceted Life

By : Christine Steendam Posted in: Strategic Thinking
Is it as difficult for you to envision life after retirement as it is to save for it? According to Knowledge Bureau’s March poll results, the vast majority thinks so: 68% of respondents said yes. But this thought-provoking question helped to define what a retiree’s role really is in a future society that has more old people than young and what this means to the way retirement planning is approached.

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest: Advisor Education is the Vital Link

By : Dale Lacombe Posted in: Strategic Thinking
Recently, an article in the Globe and Mail regarding The Australian Royal Commission into misconduct in the banking, superannuation and financial services industry caught my interest. It provided perspective on the Royal Commission’s findings and recommendations, as well as comments from Ian Russell, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Investment Industry Association of Canada (IIAC). On closer look at the final report, there was something new to consider in combatting misconduct.