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Paper Filing: A Right or a Problem of the Past?

By : Tammy Sigurdur Posted in: Strategic Thinking
If your clients are looking for paper copies of this year’s tax forms at the post office, they may be out of luck. Despite many locations posting advanced notice that they would be providing a limited number of paper forms this year, it is particularly concerning that some locations ran out early in the tax season. Some argue that the most vulnerable Canadians may be the most affected by these shortages.

Graduate in the News – Zay Aquino, DFA – Tax Services Specialist™

Posted in: Strategic Thinking
If you’ve ever been to the Knowledge Bureau headquarters, you’ve probably met Zay Aquino. Zay is not only an honours graduate of Knowledge Bureau’s DFA – Tax Services Specialist™ designation, but also our very own Accounting Manager. Zay’s educational journey is an interesting story.

CRA Releases 2018 Guide for Self-Employed Taxpayers

By: Walter Harder By : Walter Harder & Beth Graddon Posted in: Strategic Thinking
The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) released their T4002 Self-employed Business, Professional, Commission, Farming, and Fishing Income for 2018 on March 15, 2019, but the print version is not expected to be available on April 2. With the April 30 deadline for paying outstanding taxes coming up quickly, that’s very late notice on rules to claim the massive changes made to Capital Cost Allowance claims for asset purchases after November 20, 2018. 

Post-Budget Hot Topics: Discuss the Home Buyers’ Plan Now

By : Christine Steendam Posted in: Breaking News, Economic News, Strategic Thinking
The March 19, 2019 federal budget was released last week, and along with it came a few hot topics advisors should consider discussing with clients now. After all, proposed changes to the Home Buyers’ Plan, stock options, and mutual funds will affect Canadians and their wealth management strategies in the coming years. In this edition of KBR, we’ll take a deeper dive on the RRSP’s Home Buyers’ Plan.

CRA’s Quarterly Prescribed Interest Rate Increases: Avoid Late Filing Penalties

By : Walter Harder & Beth Graddon Posted in: Breaking News, Strategic Thinking
While the CRA has not yet announced the prescribed interest rate for the second quarter (April to June) in 2019, the rate is actually set by the average rate of three-month treasury bills in the first month of the preceding quarter, rounded to the next whole percentage point. Here’s what you need to know: