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Dong Wook (Andrew) Choi, DFA-Tax Services Specialist and MFA-Business Services Specialist knows why improving your professional education is so important this summer: 

Taxes on Rich Can be Unfair for Everyone

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In answer to the question posed in Knowledge Bureau’s May opinion poll, professional financial advisors from across Canada agreed by an overwhelming majority—78% to 22%—that top marginal tax rates close to, or over, 50% are not fair.

Education on Pre-Retirement Planning is Critical for Millennials

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Despite recent reports that Millennials are worried about facing tougher financial times in their retirement, a little information can go a long way for this well-educated generation.

What Tax Relief Replaces the Children’s Fitness and Arts Credits?

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Two federal family tax credits have disappeared in 2017: the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit and the Children’s Arts Amount. Is there anything families can do to shore up tax savings in light of this unfortunate news?

Coming Soon! Meet the Tax Filing Deadline for Proprietors

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Midnight June 15 is the tax filing deadline for unincorporated business owners and their spouses, and the official end of tax season for those weary folks in the tax preparation industry! Don’t let this important deadline get lost in your pre-summer planning.

Life Purpose

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“Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it.” —André Gide