Extend Your Expertise and Grow Your Business Preparing T3 Returns

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Income earned by an estate during any tax year must be reported as a T3 return. Knowledge Bureau’s new T3 Basic Tax Preparation course will help students learn who should file a T3 return, as well as when and how best to file it. The course also introduces the types of trusts that may be created in Canada and how each of them is taxed.

In November, Kelowna will be the spot to mingle with financial services excellence

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Have you marked your calendar yet to attend the fourteenth Annual Distinguished Advisor Conference (DAC)? With the Canadian dollar being so low, there never has been a better time to jet off to British Columbia than now. And that’s especially important when you’re looking to stretch your professional development budget.

People in the News

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Add value to your career with the MFA-Business Services Specialist designation, like Johnson Obayuwana from Regina, SK.

Financing Education: Tax relief for expensive university textbooks ends

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Students and their parents will be looking for new ways to fund post-secondary education this year, as tax relief has been significantly curtailed with the removal of the monthly education and textbook amounts.

New tax reporting rules for farmers and fishers

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On May 5, the Finance Department issued a Notice of Ways and Means Motion to change income reporting rules specifically for farmers and fishers who sell to agricultural and fisheries cooperatives, in response to restrictions in the March 2016 budget that impact the claiming of the small business deduction.

2017 Provincial Budget Roundup: Part 3

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In case you missed it during tax season, several provinces announced tax changes to their regimes. In this third and final installment of the Provincial Budget Roundup series, we will present a brief summary of the tax provisions from Quebec, the Maritimes and the Territories: