Get Ready for 2019: Six Great Tax Moves and Audit-Busters

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Gift the gift of knowledge throughout 2019! Make increasing your clients’ tax literacy your 2019 new year’s resolution, and share these essential tax moves and audit-busters that will help them in their dealings with the CRA next year.

Ranking Canada’s Tax System: Compliance Burden Not So Bad?

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It takes 131 hours per year for the average small business to comply with CRA demands, but that’s actually not that bad, comparatively speaking, according to some recent reporting.

In-Kind Donations: 94% of Canadians Make Them

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There are tax advantages that encourage giving back to the less fortunate this holiday season – it’s a tax gift that keeps on giving. But giving has taken on an interesting trend: not all donations made by charity-minded Canadians are monetary. In fact, Statistics Canada reports that 94% make in-kind donations each year, which includes items like clothing, toys, household goods, or food.

DAC Delegates in the News: Chenine Humphrey, DFA – Bookkeeping Services Specialist

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Chenine Humphrey attended the Distinguished Advisor Conference (DAC) for the third consecutive year and shares her enthusiasm for the experience: “There just simply are no bad speakers at DAC. I literally sat riveted at the edge of my seat, gleaning a wealth of information and knowledge throughout the conference!”

Options for Registered Pension Plans on Retirement

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What options do your clients have for receiving their Registered Pension Plan (RPP) entitlement, as they approach retirement? The Canada Revenue Agency has just released some guidelines that may help.

Educate Your Clients: Six Essential Tax Tips for 2019

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Share the gift of education with your clients this holiday season! By discussing the six essential tax tips your clients need to know for 2019 and beyond, you can help Canadians become more informed on the tax-efficient decisions that will improve their financial health in the new year.