CRA Improves Services Standards: Their New Three-Point Plan

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Last year, the Canada Revenue Agency received extensive criticism for failing to meet basic service standards. But things have recently improved at the CRA; 74 percent of calls are being answered by an agent or auto assistant, compared to the mere 37 percent in 2015, which prompted this fall’s Auditor General Report. The CRA now intends to ensure things get even better, and responded to the criticisms on June 12, 2018 with a three-point action plan.

Considering Buying a Business? Guidelines for Navigating Employee Rights

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Our June poll asks readers whether or not they believe the self-employment route pays off in the long run, or whether having the financial security provided by an employer paycheque is smarter. Be sure to weigh in with your views, but in the meantime, Knowledge Bureau author Philippe Richer provides food for thought for those considering leaving the 9-to-5 behind for self-employment.

House Flipping: What are the Tax Consequences?

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Increasing interest rates have sparked a warning from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that approaching headwinds could affect housing values; potentially good news for Canadians looking to enter the housing market. But there is also tax risk for investors intending to purchase and flip real estate, and a good opportunity for tax and financial advisors to provide valuable counsel.

U.S. Repatriation Tax Is Hitting Canadians Hard: Are Your Clients Affected?

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Donald Trump’s U.S. tax reforms are having a significant spillover effect north of the border, as many individuals with private businesses in Canada are facing an enormous tax bills in the U.S. If your client base includes any corporation in which a U.S. shareholder controls at least 10 percent of the voting rights or value, you need to know the details of this punitive measure.

CRA to Send Instalment Payment Notices in August: Your Tax Remittance Options

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You’re not in the clear yet! In August, the CRA will be notifying individuals who will be required to remit an instalment payment by the September 15 and December 15 deadlines. Even if you weren’t required to make an instalment payment on June 15 or earlier this year, you might still be subject to paying in instalments. This means that now is the time to review whether you need to save throughout the summer for yourself or for the taxman!

Work Stress Kills: Flexible Career Opportunities Benefit Pre-Retirees

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Demanding careers and workplace stress can lead to premature death in men with existing health issues, according to a new study, although women seem to fair better. It speaks to the need for financial advisors to sit down with their boomer clients and have a frank talk about how long to work if the couple is serious about living their dream retirement.