New Lifelong Learning Initiatives in Budget 2017

By : Daniel Sonkodi Posted in: Strategic Thinking
Last week’s federal budget proposed to improve access to education funding with a series of new initiatives including improved access to bonds, loans and grants. Planning for student debt repayment, however, should be a critical first step with students, alongside the application process. Tax and financial planners can be of important assistance.

Prescribed Interest Rates Steady in Q2 of 2017

By: Evelyn Jacks Posted in: Strategic Thinking
The prescribed interest rates for April 1 to June 30, 2017, remain unchanged on overdue taxes and tax overpayments, and for calculations of taxable benefits and shareholder loans. However, the interest rates on PLOI—Pertinent Loans or Indebtedness—have been changed this quarter.

CRA Wants a Share of the Sharing Economy

By : Knowledge Bureau Staff Posted in: Strategic Thinking
In the recent federal budget, the federal government continued its commitment to supporting and funding innovation to grow Canada’s economy and build a strong middle class. There is evidence all around us that technology is fueling new enterprises all over the globe, in what has become known as “the sharing economy.”

Investors and Executors:  T3 Slip Deadline is March 31

By : Knowledge Bureau Staff Posted in: Strategic Thinking
With recent changes to the taxation of trusts, more beneficiaries may find themselves reporting trust income personally, when they are in a lower tax bracket than the trust itself. Executors, too, need to be informed about the best planning strategies. For these reasons, tax advisors must prepare themselves to answer questions about trust filing and planning.

Cross Border Taxation:  The Trump Factor

By : Knowledge Bureau Staff Posted in: Strategic Thinking
Tax and financial advisors need to pay attention to cross-border taxation issues for Canadian clients who have real estate or financial assets in the US, and for US citizens who live in Canada or face the real possibility of legal action for any failure to report to either government. The Distinguished Advisor Workshops (DAW) being held in six cities May 29 to June 6 will cover the most pressing questions advisors have in this area, together with detailed analysis of the March 22, 2017, federal budget.

Financial Trivia Contest: Distinguished Advisor Conference, Nov. 5-8 in Kelowna, British Columbia

By : Knowledge Bureau Staff Posted in: Strategic Thinking
It's time once again for our skill-testing financial trivia contest—your chance to win a free registration to DAC in beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia, where this year’s theme will be CANADA 150: Financial Advice at the Crossroads of Change.