When Canadians Struggle: Education is the Solution

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Despite good trends in overall wealth accumulation in Canada, recent reports show that many Canadians struggle financially with increasing personal debt levels, and rising mortgage interest rates. The  2018 Budget also voiced concerns about income equality and diversity, but it’s clear education is a key part of the solution.

Secrets to Wealth: Real Estate and Entrepreneurship

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According to the 2016 Survey of Financial Security, released in December of 2017, median net worth increased in Canada by 14.7 percent since 2012. The big ticket to success? Turns out, it’s real estate, pensions and according to other studies, entrepreneurship.

Changing Jobs? Your Pension May Be Affected

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When an employee moves from one employer with a pension plan to a new employer with their own pension plan, pension adjustments can get confusing.

Fostering the Development of Future Leaders: Young Advisor Award

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At November’s Distinguished Advisor Conference (DAC), Knowledge Bureau will be honouring tomorrow’s future leaders as the recipients of the Young Advisor Award. Applications are being accepted until June 30, 2018!

Child Benefit Enhancements: Government Improves Access to Social Benefits

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The Canada Child Benefit (CCB) will increase this July for families that filed a 2017 tax return. However, the requirement to file a tax return is just one of the reasons why thousands of Canadians can’t access these generous, tax free benefits. The government will soon spend more on awareness; but the tax and financial services community can assist, too.

Leave Your Legacy: A Gift to Family

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Father’s Day is coming up soon, and it’s a time to make and share memories. Wouldn’t it be a  wonderful gesture to start a new tradition:  to leave not only a financial legacy to the ones you love, but also the gift of family history at a time like this?  Financial advisors can encourage families to do so, as part of their retirement and legacy planning.