It’s Not Too Late: Register Now for the most famous line-by-line T1 Bootcamp

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Hundreds of professional tax advisors are lining up to think with us at the annual Line-by-Line Tax Bootcamp and there is still time for you to come up to speed for tax season, network with great tax experts and  join the fun in Edmonton – January 19, Toronto – January 23, Ottawa – January 24 and Winnipeg – January 25.

Take a next step in your professional career: T1 Tax Preparation – Advanced

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After successfully completing your T1 Tax Preparation – Basic course, the next step is to move onto the advanced course T1 Professional Tax Preparation – Advanced.

People in the News

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“I have a broad range of experience in and knowledge of the Canadian and, to a lesser degree, American tax system. I enjoy keeping up to date and current on the subtle year to year changes in the tax laws and how these changes affect my clients. I also have a personal and special interest in various aspects of real estate, be it ownership or rental. I look forward to helping my clients maximize their returns and provide advice on the best course of action for their particular needs.” Munly Dobson, DFA - Tax Services Specialist™, British Columbia

Life Purpose

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“Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.” Dale Carnegie

Federal Budget 2017: Will Taxes Go Up?

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The Federal Budget is expected to be released in this fiscal quarter. Will taxes go up over the next five years? Finance Canada’s Fall Economic Update, released on November 1, 2016, provided an extensive analysis of near-term trends and private sector forecasts to give professional advisors good direction on the likelihood of tax increases in the period, and how inflation, interest rates, the dollar and the price of oil are expected to perform.

What’s the Tax Filing Deadline: April 30 or June 15?

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It’s really surprising how many people don’t know when the tax filing deadline is. CRA often mentions two dates: April 30 and June 15. Which is it for you? Unless you or your spouse are reporting income from an unincorporated small business, the answer will usually be April 30.  That’s not true this year, though.