Graduates in the News - Connie Zhu, DFA – Bookkeeping Services Specialist™

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"When it comes to education, we are all looking for something different. Knowledge Bureau offers that variety”, states Connie Zhu, of Richmond, BC.

A Workforce of Freelancers: Almost Half by 2020

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Traditionally, 85 percent of Canada’s workforce has consisted of the employed. But that’s about to change: 45 percent of Canada’s workforce will be “on demand” or “freelancing” by 2020 *. This is a continuation of an upward trend that started with the financial crisis of 2008. This also means an increasing number of Canadians need to revisit what kind of tax and financial planning they should be doing.

Strategy and Process: Giving Good Advice Demands Both

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Tax specialists add tremendous value over and above the role of a traditional tax preparer. Rather than just calculating and filing the annual return, they offer holistic tax planning advice to reduce a family’s overall tax liability over the long run. They certainly use their knowledge, experience and skills to maximize refundable and non-refundable tax credits in the short term; but their long-term role is deeper and broader.

Cash Flow Crunch: Managing the September 15 Tax Instalment

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The September 15 instalment deadline is looming. Many dread yet another payment to the CRA; after all, it seems like only yesterday that personal and business taxes due over the spring and summer were paid! Now is the time for tax and financial professionals to contact clients, estimate taxes owing for 2018, and navigate through taxing times if there is a cash flow crunch.

Canada Caregiver Credit: The Missing Tax Link

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The Canada Caregiver Credit (CCC), new in 2017, is still poorly understood and a complicated tax break to explain. For these reasons, many Canadians have missed claiming it. Tax and financial advisors who really want to help families under medical stress can make a big financial difference will add it to their year-end review and adjust 2017 tax returns for missed claims.

An Advisor’s Duty: Protecting Seniors and Supporting Caregivers

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Resources for family caregivers in Canada are improving— a necessity, considering three in ten people over the age of fifteen have taken on the responsibility of caring for a family member, according to a 2012 Statistics Canada report.* However, the Employment Insurance Family Caregiver Benefit and the Canada Caregiver Credit continue to be underutilized and poorly understood.