People in the News:  Barbara Schuster

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Congratulations to Barbara Schuster from Investors Group who just graduated from Knowledge Bureau’s Advanced Tax-Efficient Retirement Income Planning self-study course, and had the following comments about her experiences:

Spotlight on the RRSP:  12 Year-End Tax Tips

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The RRSP can play a prominent role in many of the year end tax strategies still available to pay less tax in the 2017 tax year.  The RRSP contribution deadline is March 1, 2018.  Following are the first six of a dozen tips to consider as the holidays begin and before this year ends:

Homes and Private Pensions Help Canadians Increase Net Worth

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Canadians who focus on building their asset base will quickly grow their personal and family net worth – that’s the difference between the value of assets and the debt attached to them. Based on the December 7 release of the Survey of Financial Security for 2016, median net worth was up almost 15 percent to $295,100 over 2012 figures. The principal residence was the largest asset, followed by private pensions. But will this trend continue?

Debt Management Series: Purchasing vs. Leasing Vehicles

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In the market for a new car before year end?  Take the time to visit your tax advisor first.  He or she can take the time before the holidays to help you consider your after-tax options and evaluate the best approach to acquiring this asset; as debt management is likely part of the equation.

Morneau Drops Details on Income Sprinkling Today

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Finance Canada will release new details on their “simplified” proposals on family income splitting today at 1:00 p.m. EST.  Knowledge Bureau Report will provide full commentary in its next edition and at the January CE Summits, which will travel to six cities in January.  Check out the detailed agenda and register now to secure attendance as this event sells out quickly.

Labour Report Points to Financial Services Employment Opportunities

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Last month Statistics Canada released a report titled “Labour in Canada,” citing statistics from the 2016 census. Employment rates, average earning potential, part-time work trends, and the number of older workers still in the workforce all point to promising opportunities for employment in the tax and financial services industries especially, which offer high earning potential for this demographic.