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Business Builder Retreat: Find Balance for More Effective Leadership

Posted: July 03, 2018 By : Knowledge Bureau Staff Writers
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Having trouble relaxing on your summer vacation? You’re not alone. Two-thirds of Canadians work more than 45 hours a week. Of these individuals, only 23 percent are satisfied with their quality of life, which hinges on work-life balance. It’s also widely accepted that entrepreneurs and business owners work significantly more than the average worker – and that can negatively impact effective leadership and corporate culture when self-care isn’t a priority.

To be an effective leader, taking care of yourself, reducing stress and spending time on personal interest activities should be prioritized. In fact, these are traits that some of the top-earning business leaders share; they ensure their daily life consists of exercise, healthy eating, stress-reducing activities, passion projects and interests, and time with loved ones.

If you want to develop your leadership skills, these are things that you can’t afford to overlook – and that’s exactly why we’ve introduced components focused on self-care and hitting the refresh button into the first annual Executive Business Builder Retreat.

Taking place this fall, on November 10-11, 2018, this retreat focuses on the special skills required to meet the challenges of business life responsibly, while individually striving for balance and. It is an educational event suitable for business leaders, especially entrepreneurs, as well as owner-managers and executives in any industry.

To help you hit the refresh button, de-stress and establish the mindset necessary to achieve your goals, we’ve integrated the following sessions into the agenda:

How to Be More Present. Learn a “miracle” technique that helps you clear your mind, reduce anxiety and start every day in a calm, natural state of readiness so that you can be “in the present” for the people who crave a deeper relationship with you.

Is Time Your Enemy? What’s the connection between a healthy body, a healthy economy and a healthy planet? You’ll find surprising answers as you revisit the “new rules” of nutrition and receive a unique, practical model to guide your food selections, too! Your “culinary coach” will give you scientific facts and tips on “mindful eating.” You’ll discover a new attitude toward healthy eating, being in the present throughout this pleasurable activity, while you learn more about making more conscious selections for human health and our planetary ecosystems as well!

Let’s Really Have Some Fun! Learn more about stretching and experience a great, easy way to take a “no excuses” approach to feeling better and smiling more throughout your afternoon . . . (as an alternative to eating chocolate bars from the vending machine!).

Constantly Distracted? Try Meditation for Beginners! If you are frustrated that you can’t get to the important things because of the noise all around you, you’ll appreciate learning effective ways to work on your concentration and memory in your daily life. Learn about some high-quality apps to remind you to make room for mindfulness in your day . . . “fit-bits” for your brain! Practice in group, too!

Feeling inspired? Register for this unique leadership event today! It’s free for students enrolled in the Executive Business Builder Program, and just $495 plus tax if you’ll also be attending the Distinguished Advisor Conference (DAC) – and you can save on DAC registration if you sign up before September 15. A fee of $995 plus tax applies if you’ll only be attending the Executive Business Builder Retreat.

Additional educational resources:

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  2. Join Knowledge Bureau’s Executive Business Builder discussion group on LinkedIn.



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