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Proactively Addressing Change in the Financial Services Industry

Posted: October 10, 2017 By : Knowledge Bureau Staff
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It’s undeniable that the financial advisory and insurance industries will face dramatic changes in the upcoming weeks, months and years. Two distinguished speakers at this year’s Distinguished Advisor Conference (DAC) in Kelowna, November 5 – 8, will challenge you to think about two key issues:  people matter in a contentious world and the prescriptive sales process just doesn’t work anymore.

At this year’s Distinguished Advisor Conference, Paul Bates will examine the role of the financial advisor while looking at what’s at stake from a regulatory point of view.  As a member on the Expert Committee to Consider Financial Advisory and Financial Planning Policy Alternatives, Paul Bates has played a key role in concluding definitively that financial planning and the giving of financial advice should be regulated in Ontario—a critical issue at the crossroads of change.  But Paul will have a much broader, deeper message as well.

As former head of trust services as Royal Trust, Dean at the McMaster School of Business and Assistant Professor of Leadership at McMaster Divinity College Paul brings a unique and practical perspective to the issue of financial care and a professional’s role in it:  People matter in a contentious changing world.

“We are terrified of being taken advantage of; concerned about our privacy, unsure about what is truth and faced with deciphering what extreme volatility means to our financial futures,” says The Rev. Dn. Bates. “Never has it been more important to build equity in your relationships.”

In this insightful session, you’ll find out how to recalibrate your practice – one deep relationship at a time – using new tools to be the absolute go-to, most trusted advisor, no matter what is needed.  Specifically, delegates will find out how to:

  1. Develop a way to measure the equity in your relationships.  It’s actually not about the money or the size of the book.   Start by reconciling the number of clients you have x the number of years you have had them.
  2. Find the right metric to judge your success by. The goal is to position yourself as the most important part of your clients’ whole community and pull them closer to you.  But you will need to find new ways of seeing the “whole person” and helping them through their anxiety and fear about the future with your authentic leadership. 
  3. Make sure you are completely equipped with the broadest set of knowledge credentials. . . and that this effort never ends, as world events continue to change.  Your finance and accounting credentials will go a long way to build trust; your precision in helping clients articulate needs will embellish on your technical precision.

Canadians looking for sound financial advice have more information than ever before, but they also have more worries about their financial future.  Be sure to join delegates at the DAC to hear Paul’s thesis on how the dramatic changes that are coming to the financial services industry will impact the framework within which advisors work.

Echoing this message, but from an insurance industry viewpoint will be Todd Hynes, VP of Sales for ivari, Silver Partner at DAC. Todd will focus on how to achieve success in the insurance industry by making big changes.

“It’s important to recognize that the prescriptive sales process just doesn’t work anymore; nor does the current trend in client segmentation,” says Todd. “What’s becoming more important, whether you’re a financial or insurance advisor, is to focus on what truly drives opportunity.”

How do you reignite your referral network? How do you become the trusted resource for important family risk management? Relationship management is a core component in driving your business forward, not only enabling you to survive into the future, but also to thrive, regardless of the obstacles in front of you. Find out more about how to embrace this opportunity with Todd’s dynamic and always entertaining presentation at this year’s DAC.

These sessions will help effectively prepare you for success in a time of great change in our industry.  There is still time to register until October 31.  Call 1-866-953-4769.

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