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Value-Based Education Matters to Advisors: Invest in Summer Training

Posted: July 17, 2018 By : Knowledge Bureau Staff Writers
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According to this year’s Report Card on Banks from Investment Executive, tax and financial advisors place significant value on professional education, and have increased job satisfaction when ongoing educational opportunities are provided to them by their employers. This comes as no surprise at a time when it’s becoming more important than ever to transition from transactional processes, to holistic advice- and relationship-driven practices.

Knowledge Bureau’s exclusive media partner at the Distinguished Advisor Conference has long gauged the views of advisors on their satisfaction levels with their work environments. 

“Knowledge Bureau is pleased to acknowledge IE’s significant contribution to DAC and the financial services over the years, and in particular its dedication to exemplary reporting as it covers cutting edge trends,” says Evelyn Jacks, President of Knowledge Bureau, which itself is celebrating its 15th year in providing continuing professional development to advisors across Canada. “We have been focused on bringing an academic path to the effort advisors put into upgrading knowledge and skills in a rapidly changing environment, and as an advocate for high standards in the financial services, we have particularly appreciated that IE’s top-notch research and interpretation of key issues that affect advisors and their firms.”

This particular Report Card is no exception. When advisors were asked to rate their employment satisfaction at the big banks for 2018’s Report Card on Banks, some clear trends surfaced. The banks with the highest ratings shared a few key points in common:

  • They provide ongoing training
  • Cover the cost of education
  • Select educational opportunities that are focused on meeting the needs of advisors and delivering value that delves beyond the basics

There’s something that smaller firms can learn here, too, particularly when their tax and financial advisors wear a multitude of hats and have roles that evolve: education matters. But choosing the right education solution matters even more, especially with increasing demands on fewer human resources.

Learning transactional processes, like basic tax-efficient retirement income planning, creates entry-level opportunities, but those who desire career growth must to shift their focus to offering holistic advice. That involves deeper broader knowledge which must be updated continuously.

In fact, both independent owner-managers and employees alike need to recognize that a critical strategy for future success will depend on fostering these abilities on a firm-wide basis.  “As the world of work in all sides of the financial services evolves into a hybrid of robo and personal services, the professional of the future must be prepared to offer high value advice,” says, Evelyn Jacks.

Using a Real Wealth Management strategy, advisors can grow their competencies to provide unique value to their clients, by reading between the lines and identifying their individual needs as well as the investment advice and tax-efficient solutions to serve them.

Knowledge Bureau has worked extensively with national firms and their advisors to design custom education programs, providing them with the knowledge that will create an entrepreneurial culture. It is the only educational institute in Canada with the experience to integrate a strong emphasis on tax education in its wealth management curriculum; something that affects all high-net worth clients significantly, yet few advisors are confident to discuss this.  It is possible for both individuals and firms to customize their training programs to meet their own unique needs, integrating both online and peer-to-peer training with this prestigious national academic program.

Knowledge Bureau is certified by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) as a private national educational institute providing courses leading to the RWM (Real Wealth Manager), Distinguished Financial Advisor (DFA) and Master Financial Advisor (MFA) designations for practicing professionals.

For more information or a personal educational consultation on your summer or fall training aspirations, call 1-866-953-4769.

Note: Knowledge Bureau’s office will be closed for summer vacation from Friday July 27 at 12p.m. CST, reopening on August 7. Contact us now so you can take advantage of the slower summer season to enhance your team’s education. Or register online anytime for individual accreditation options, including certificate courses, diplomas and designations. Registration for tuition savings ends September 15.

Additional educational resources: Investing in your team? Strong leaders also need to invest in their own education. Enroll in the Executive Business Builder Program, or attend this year’s leadership retreat this November in Quebec City! Early bird registration rates are available until September 15.


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