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Post-Budget Hot Topics: Discuss the Home Buyers’ Plan Now

Posted: March 26, 2019 By : Christine Steendam
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The March 19, 2019 federal budget was released last week, and along with it came a few hot topics advisors should consider discussing with clients now. After all, proposed changes to the Home Buyers’ Plan, stock options, and mutual funds will affect Canadians and their wealth management strategies in the coming years. In this edition of KBR, we’ll take a deeper dive on the RRSP’s Home Buyers’ Plan.

CRA’s Quarterly Prescribed Interest Rate Increases: Avoid Late Filing Penalties

Posted: March 26, 2019 By : Walter Harder & Beth Graddon
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While the CRA has not yet announced the prescribed interest rate for the second quarter (April to June) in 2019, the rate is actually set by the average rate of three-month treasury bills in the first month of the preceding quarter, rounded to the next whole percentage point. Here’s what you need to know:

Amplify Your Practice: New CE Learning Modules for Advisors

Posted: March 12, 2019
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Sun Life and Knowledge Bureau are pleased to unveil Tax in Practice; a series of 10 new CE Modules for advisors who aspire to work with the lucrative small-to-medium business markets. Tax in Practice covers the most recent tax reform changes in order to provide advisors the opportunity to target the unique needs of family business clients by offering high-value advice.

CE Summit Delegates in the News: Ruth Horst

Posted: January 08, 2019
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Ruth Horst from Hamilton, Ontario specializes in personal income tax filing and, as the early-bird registration deadline for this year’s CE Summit personal income tax update draws near, she shares how these workshops have provided important benefits to her role.

New Gift Planning Designation for Advisors

Posted: September 24, 2018 By : Knowledge Bureau Writers
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The Canadian Association of Gift Planners (CAGP), Knowledge Bureau and Spire Philanthropy are pleased to announce their collaboration to introduce a new professional designation for the financial services sector. The MFA™ Strategic Philanthropic Services Specialist designation will denote specialized professional credentials to develop plans for individuals and families interested in strategic philanthropy.

Thought Leaders: What Characteristic Should Every Entrepreneur Possess?

Posted: September 19, 2017 By : Knowledge Bureau
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Our new Executive Business Builders Network features some of the best entrepreneurial minds in the financial services industry. As we band together to future-proof this industry and our careers through discussion, we’d also like your feedback.