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Tax Season: A Key Influencer in Reducing Poverty

Posted: March 04, 2019 By : Beth Graddon
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Great news! New data from Statistics Canada’s Canadian Income Survey, released on February 26, shows that poverty levels are on the decline thanks (at least, in part) to federal benefit programs like the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) and the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS). Unfortunately, there is a fly in the ointment, but tax and financial professionals can help.

Economic Growth Stalls: Brace for a Recession

Posted: March 04, 2019 By : Beth Graddon
Posted in: Strategic Thinking, Debt Management, economy, GDP, Canadian economy, economic forecast, Gross Domestic Product, recession
Is a recession around the corner? A March 1 Statistics Canada economic report shows negligible economic growth for the fourth quarter of 2018, due to a decline in oil export prices and decreased investment spending. Now just might be the right time to implement tax and financial planning strategies to brace for a prolonged slowdown.

Knowledge Bureau Poll: High Tax Refunds Spur Controversy

Posted: March 04, 2019
Posted in: Strategic Thinking, tax credits, poll results, income tax, tax refund, tax deductions, tax return
Is the tax refund a good thing? It’s a question that spurred a great debate in February’s Knowledge Bureau poll when we asked tax and financial professionals whether or not the withholding taxes that lead to a tax refund should be reduced to help taxpayers save or pay down debt. Did the no side or the yes side win? You’ll be surprised by the results.

Priorities in the Right Place? Canadians Struggle to Meet Retirement Goals

Posted: March 04, 2019
Posted in: Strategic Thinking, Real Wealth Management, retirement planning, elements of real wealth management, retirement income, wealth management, gig economy
Canadians are struggling to meet their retirement savings goals, and this is an issue impacting the traditionally employed and self-employed, alike. A recent survey by TD identified that it’s a special challenge for gig workers in particular. But for many, it’s a dilemma that can be solved by changing priorities. 

Stay Abreast of Looming Provincial Budget Changes

Posted: March 04, 2019
Posted in: Strategic Thinking, federal budget, finance minister, CE summits, Morneau, Federal Budget 2019, Advanced Tax Filing and Planning
British Columbia was the first province to release its budget this year, when they announced it on February 19. There were some interesting new benefits in the package that advisors must factor into their tax and financial strategies with clients who are B.C residents at the end of 2019.

Graduates in the News - Renata McMann, DFA – Tax Services Specialist™

Posted: March 04, 2019
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Knowledge Bureau has been so inspired by graduate Renata McMann’s commitment to education. Here’s the story of her educational journey to become a DFA – Tax Services Specialist™.