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Interest and Inflation Rate Hikes Ahead? Time to Manage Real Wealth

Posted: June 05, 2018 By : Knowledge Bureau Staff Writers
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After holding interest rates at 1.25 percent since January, the Bank of Canada appears ready for raise the rate in its next announcement, July 11, when many economists expect it to increase to 1.5 percent. This small jump could affect millions of Canadians and is an opportunity for advisors and clients to lean in and plan for change.

Avoid Penalties: File TFSA Return by July 2

Posted: June 05, 2018 By: Walter Harder
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The TFSA filing deadline is coming up on July 2 (the standard June 30 deadline falls on a weekend). It doesn’t apply to all TFSA investors, but for those who do have to comply, abiding by the guidelines is essential to avoid penalties.

Canadians Want Changes to Tax Filing Deadlines: Poll Results

Posted: June 05, 2018 By : Knowledge Bureau Staff Writers
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In May, we asked Knowledge Bureau Report readers whether Canada’s current tax deadlines make sense – and the general consensus was that the existing system needs to change. Some of the suggestions from professionals in the tax and financial services industry might surprise you.

Canada’s Economic Future: Immigration is Essential for Growth

Posted: June 05, 2018 By : Knowledge Bureau Staff Writers
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Reports from the recent 2018 Immigration Summit in Ottawa, show that immigration is going to be essential for the future of the Canadian economy. But, where are the career opportunities for newcomers to Canada, or those those returning back home?

Time for a Leadership Reboot: What’s Your Passion Statement?

Posted: June 05, 2018
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Your passion statement is all about the “why?” When’s the last time you took the time to reconsider why you do what you do?  Whether you’re a proprietor or have leadership aspirations to grow your career, this is the driving force that is the basis of your business goals. Join Knowledge Bureau to recommit to your life’s work at November’s Business Builder Retreat.

Sneak Peek! Advisors Require Technical Skills Before Death of a Taxpayer

Posted: June 05, 2018 By : Knowledge Bureau Staff Writers
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Each year, 1 percent of the population passes away, generating tax consequences and other financial implications that impact remaining family members.Yet, often tax and financial advisors are hesitant to focus on tax-efficient estate planning, leaving it to attorneys instead. But you can add value as a more trusted advisor by offering a more holistic approach to a powerful financial moment by honing skills in discussing the tax consequences on death of a taxpayer.