Refund Policies

Refund Policies

Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policies

We invite you to Enrol Risk Free in self-study programs, to be sure you have made the right decision for your time and money.  We also invite you to prepare a Goal Chart on our website or to discuss this and your needs with a phone appointment with our highly training Educational Consultants.  Eligible withdrawals may require adjustments to fee schedules for penalty provisions and volume discounts before refunds are issued, as fee structures may vary throughout the year, depending on when a student begins, with early registration fee reductions available according to sessional enrolment dates, or when students enrol in group study sessions.  Here are the refund policies:

Single Courses: If you are not satisfied upon review of your self-study certificate course, Chapter 1, your money is refunded — no questions asked — provided you contact us within one week of course registration. If you received any hard copy material, return those materials at your cost in saleable condition within that week.

Unsaleable materials will not be refunded. If you complete the quizzes or case studies beyond the first chapter in your course, you will no longer be eligible for a refund. You have 3 months to complete each course. After this you may request an extension.  If you do not start at all, you are considered to have purchased and used the course materials for the entire enrolment period or any part thereof.

Diploma/Designation Programs: You have 9 months to complete a diploma program; 18 months to complete a designation program, but you can do so sooner.

You must complete your first course in your diploma/designation program for consideration to withdraw.  You may withdraw from the program within three months. There will be no refunds after this; that is, you are committed to taking the diploma or designation program unless there is a hardship (see below).

Any refunds are subject to an administrative charge of $295.00. All multiple course discounts will be forfeited. Students who pay by instalment also forfeit their finance fees. Administrative charges can be applied to future course purchases within one year of withdrawal.

Hardship Policy. In the case of severe hardship, including illness of the student, illness of a family member or death of a family member, provide a letter to the Registrar outlining reasons for the request from a medical practitioner.

Two options are available:
1.Course completion deadlines are extended based on mutual discussion of a reasonable restart date within one year of enrolment. If the period must exceed 1 year, students may be required to re-purchase updated course materials at the lowest price point at that time.

2.Withdrawals. There are no withdrawals or refunds allowed after 3 months in the case of a regular program;  one year in the case of hardship. Any charges incurred due to this policy may be applied in full to future enrolments.

NSF Fees

A $45 fee will be assessed on each NSF or declined charge card payment. NSF fees will be waived by paying the balance of tuition owing in full by credit card.  Note: 3 instances of default will result in expulsion from your program with re-initiation possible on receipt of all outstanding amounts plus an extension fee of $99.