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Faculty of wealth management Your Potential is Limitless™

Earn the RWM™ Designation

Lead a collaborative team of professionals in helping your clients accumulate, grow, preserve and transition sustainable wealth. Earn the right to use the RWM™ designation behind your name, to signify your comprehensive training in delivering goal-based, holistic wealth management services.

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Take twelve modules

As a designated specialist, provide high value advice to help people meet wealth management goals. Study time is flexible—take up to 9 months to finish.

“What surprised me about the courses was the outcomes.”

—Ian Wood, CFP, CLU, CIM, MFA™, RWM™

Earn Your RWM™ Credentials


As a specialist, the Real Wealth Manager oversees the delivery of a goal-based, strategic process that includes multiple stakeholders in the family and a multi-disciplinary team that delivers on financial goals across various lifecycle events. The overriding goal is to build, grow and preserve family wealth after taxes, inflation and fees.

The course entails the completion of 12 online modules and features a case study approach using 15 sophisticated software tools to enable deeper conversations and projections that answer specific financial trigger questions.

Of special interest to tax and financial advisors, retirement, investment, insurance and estate planners, but also perfect for any individual wishing to take control of the wealth they accumulate throughout their lifetime.

You’ll complete 12 comprehensive modules in this important professional program:

Real Wealth Management Program

PLUS: You’ll fulfill a practice management thesis by developing a wealth management case study.

Who is the Real Wealth Manager?

The most trusted financial advisor is the strategist who leads all the other specialists in the execution of their clients’ multi-faceted financial plans.

Demonstrating deep and broad knowledge in tax-efficient investment, retirement and estate planning, the RWM™ is the coveted role deservedly filled by this knowledgeable professional.

What’s Involved?

With the training, tools and processes, the RWM™ is highly trained to consider a client’s accountable financial outcomes with a consistently high standard of care. Over the long term, the RWM™ contributes not only as a knowledge specialist, but most importantly, as the primary advisor trained in the inter-advisory discipline of Real Wealth Management™. Specifically, the RWM™ possesses:

  • Deep Knowledge in a field of specialization suitable to their clients’ needs:
  • Investment Income Services
  • Retirement Income Services
  • Tax Planning Services
  • Succession and Estate Planning Services
  • A Strategy and Process for joint decision-making as illustrated below:

The RWM™ Framework

What Skills Does the RWM™ Possess?

The RWM, the primary advisor in providing comprehensive and collaborative wealth advisory services, is specifically trained to lead strategic decision-making by an inter-advisory team with family stakeholders. The steps to this approach include:

  • Possessing deep knowledge in the advisor’s field of practice
  • Acting as the primary advisor through a strategic process of decision making
  • Listening for the client’s life and financial triggers
  • Strategizing using the “Four RWM Elements”: accumulation, growth, preservation and transition of sustainable wealth
  • Managing the team of specialists to provide required expertise for financial solutions
  • Implementing the RWM strategy on an efficient after-tax, after-cost basis with all stakeholders
  • Analyzing financial data expertly and consistently over time to meet financial milestones
  • Reviewing and adjusting the strategy and process to meet ongoing client objectives

Want Customized Solutions

According to a recent study* by the CFA Institute, “the connection between professional skills and customer outcomes must become more symbiotic… wealth managers must demonstrate greater relevance to the current and future needs of clients and prospects.” The RWM cements his or her relevance to the family by confidently delivering customized financial strategies based on client objectives and goals with a process for accountable solutions over time. Your clients will appreciate the opportunity to make sound financial decisions with a most trusted advisor who really knows them well and can help them visualize the future while navigating a complicated financial world. The result is a pathway to true affluence and peace of mind.

*The Value of Premium Wealth Management, 2017

“Knowledge Bureau, with their first-class courses, offers a

sustainable, long-term educational framework for industry professionals.
This is about implementing the Real Wealth Management process from an
emotional intelligence, as well as a technical point of view, to guide
clients in achieving their goals”

—Stefanie Keller, CFP, RWM™

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