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Federal Election Campaign Round-Up

If you are a Canadian investor, business owner, or average taxpayer concerned about the overall affordability of living in Canada heading into the federal election on October 21, you will want to take a close look at the tax and economic proposals included in the major party’s campaigns. We’ve done a comparison and there are some eyebrow raisers!

With Reduced Interest Rates, Are Student Loans More Affordable?

As promised in the 2019 federal budget, interest rates on Canada Student Loans are decreasing. Will this help affordability for students investing in their education? The answer is yes, but not immediately.

Unfavourable:  Why Canada‚Äôs Global Tax Competitiveness Needs Reconsideration

Given the federal government’s increase of the federal personal tax rate from 29% to 33%; their attack on small business taxation (including the introduction of the tax on split income (TOSI) rules and the clawback of the small business deduction for passive investment income); and the upcoming Canadian federal election, Canadian entrepreneurs are concerned about their increased tax burden, and investors should be too, says Dr. Dean Smith, President Cadesky U.S. Tax, Ltd., a keynote speaker at DAC this November.

Divorce: Minimizing Financial Set-backs Through Tax Efficiency

Divorce can be a huge set-back in one’s financial plan. In Canada, 38% of marriages end in divorce, and 42% of those end between 10 and 24 years of marriage.* With the help of qualified and knowledgeable financial and taxation advisors, the financial hit of divorce can be minimized.

CIBC SmartBanking for Business is a Watershed Moment in SME Innovation

Special report from Christopher Misener, Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships, CIBC. A few months back I joined Knowledge Bureau with Evelyn Jacks on a countrywide CE Summit tour where I was able to meet with tax professionals and discuss the future of accounting technology and showcase the latest digital banking platform technology for small and medium-sized businesses. Here's an accountant’s story on why it matters:

Business Builder Retreat in PV:  Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Business?

2019 Business Builder Retreat host Joanne Sigurdson will join Evelyn Jacks, Jenifer Bartman, Dean Cockell, and Dan Collison to discuss ways to grow your business to new successes – and greater value - while you take better care of yourself, too. Joanne shares why BBR is a must-attend event for you this fall:

CE Credits and Blockchain - New (and Great) Reasons to Come to DAC

Hussein Hallak CEO & Founder of Next Decentrum will be joining us on Day 1 of DAC to discuss Reshaping Your World: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Cybersecurity. It’s just one more reason to make sure you don’t miss the September 15 early-bird registration deadline to attend in Puerto Vallarta this November. Hussein has a very compelling story to tell you.
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