Addressing Unfair Tax Changes, Morneau Makes a Second Attempt at Tax Reform

The Finance Department backtracked on a few of their controversial tax reforms for private corporations this week, adding a tax cut of $2.9 Billion over the next five years to douse the flames of discontent. However, family businesses will continue to face tax risk and uncertainty due to a “reasonableness” test – albeit a simplified one – that will limit income sprinkling to contributors of labor, risk or capital in the business.

Help Investors Find an Alternative to CSBs:  Five Reasons Why It’s The TFSA

It was the go-to savings vehicle for generations of Canadians, and a gateway to more sophisticated investing for millions. But with Canada Savings Bonds (CSBs) off the table as of November 1, advisors should guide clients to another option that will occupy the same space in their hearts — and finances. There are five key reasons the TFSA should be an even better choice for Canadian savers.

It’s Over 50% - Top 3% Pay More Than Their Fair Share

Amidst calls by the federal government to improve “tax fairness,” a report by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) shows that while a mere three per cent of all tax filers earn $150,000 or more, they contribute over one-third of all federal income taxes collected.

Capital Gains Deduction Series, Part I: The Basics

With proposed changes looming to the eligibility for the Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption (LCGE), which becomes the Capital Gains Deduction on the personal tax return, tax and financial advisors are well advised to review the rules and have discussions with their clients on whether any year end planning opportunities should be pursued.

Life Purpose – Quoting George Bernard Shaw

“Everything happens to everybody sooner or later, if there is time enough.” —George Bernard Shaw

Proactively Addressing Change in the Financial Services Industry

It’s undeniable that the financial advisory and insurance industries will face dramatic changes in the upcoming weeks, months and years. Two distinguished speakers at this year’s Distinguished Advisor Conference (DAC) in Kelowna, November 5 – 8, will challenge you to think about two key issues:  people matter in a contentious world and the prescriptive sales process just doesn’t work anymore.

Weather the Tax-Reform Storm of Complexity at the New CE Summits

2018 is destined to be a busy season for Canadian tax preparers and financial advisors who will need to be prepared to assist their clients in addressing the many new tax changes. This year’s CE Summits will help you gain a better understanding of the tax changes that have occurred, and those to come for private business owners and their families, and will allow you to hone the technical skills necessary to effectively address them.
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