Death in the Family: Executors’ Obligations

Year-end can be a particularly difficult time for those who have lost a loved one during the year. But it’s important to see a tax specialist when someone in the family dies, to file any tax returns that may be outstanding on time, adjust prior-filed returns, and to claim specific tax benefits that can help to pay for end-of-life costs.

CPP Increases for 2019

The maximum Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributory earnings are indexed annually based on inflation. For 2019, indexation resulted in a 2.68 percent increase over 2018.

Missed Prior Returns: 8 Reasons to File Before Year-End

Did you forget to file a tax return in a previous year? It can pay handsomely to catch up before year-end. Not only can you recover tax refunds CRA may still owe you (that’s the main reason for most), but here are 8 additional reasons to file those missed returns before year-end:

Hot News: DAC 2019 Returns to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Knowledge Bureau is excited to announce that 2019’s Distinguished Advisor Conference (DAC) will take place in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, November 10-13. Early bird registration is now open with an important opportunity: a $300 hotel credit for registrations received by November 15.

Grads in the News: Frank Arnold, DFA-Tax Services Specialist, MFA

Frank Arnold of Woodville, Ontario completed Knowledge Bureau’s Use of Trusts in Tax and Estate Planning course while pursuing his Master Financial Advisor - Retirement and Succession Services Specialist credentials. He explained why lifelong learning is essential in the tax and financial services: “I feel that learning never really ends. Rules and legislative changes are created constantly, therefore, giving up on learning means giving up on valuable expertise.”

Canada’s Future Lies in the North

Almost 40 per cent of Canada is north of the 60th parallel. But how many Canadians in the South truly understand northern issues, or the riches of the North, its unique, fragile ecology and centuries of Inuit, Dene and northern First Nations traditions? Senator Patricia Bovey will be providing important economic and social insights as the closing keynote speaker at the Distinguished Advisor Conference next week.

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