Distinguished Advisor Conference, November 5-8, 2017 in Kelowna: Financial Trivia Question

We would like to remind you about our skill-testing financial trivia.  This is your chance to win a free registration to the DAC in Kelowna, where this year’s theme will be: CANADA 150: Financial Advice at the Crossroads of Change. You just need to correctly answer both questions.

DAC: Take a Strategic Look at the Crossroads of Change

At a time when governments are more closely monitoring changes in global GDP growth, the effects of protectionism, currency fluctuations, tax changes and sluggish business investment on the long-term financial well-being of Canadians, wealth advisors need to better understand new strategies for making tax efficient investment recommendations to the families they work with.

Portfolio Risk Management in Retirement Course to Efficiently Manage and Increase Family’s Net Worth

Canadians who reach age 65 are more likely than ever to live into their 90's thanks to healthier lifestyles and a decline in heart disease.  But this lengthens the retirement income planning period.  Therefore, a renewed focus on continued capital accumulation and preservation is as important as the tax-efficient withdrawal of funds.  Knowledge Bureau’s recently updated Portfolio Risk Management in Retirement course reviews the measurement and calculation of risk and return from this perspective.

Distinguished Advisor Conference, Nov 5-8 in Kelowna: Financial Trivia Contest

Enter this month’s skill-testing financial trivia question to win a free registration to the DAC in Kelowna, where this year’s theme will be: CANADA 150: Financial Advice at the Crossroads of Change.

Tax Efficient Rip – The Key Is the Marriage of Two Precious Skills

To marry tax and financial planning competencies is a critical key to success for professionals working with Boomers.  They are interested not only in how to fund income requirements into their future, but also in continuing to accumulate savings while preserving, growing and transitioning wealth tax efficiently to the next generation.

Retirement, Estate and Cross-Border Planning After the Federal Budget

If you are working as a professional in the tax, bookkeeping or financial services, it is critical to know the upcoming federal budget changes and their effect on personal, corporate and cross border planning in 2017, 2018 and beyond.

Build Long Lasting Relationships with Clients Who Struggle with the Debt

According to an article in the Financial Post, for the first time, the level of debt held by Canadians has exceeded the country’s gross domestic product. For the advisor now taking on clients struggling with their debts, the new edition of the Debt and Cash Flow Management course is solution for expertly advising clients on managing debt today and in the future and minimizing the debts.
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