Hot News: DAC 2019 Returns to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Knowledge Bureau is excited to announce that 2019’s Distinguished Advisor Conference (DAC) will take place in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, November 10-13. Early bird registration is now open with an important opportunity: a $300 hotel credit for registrations received by November 15.

Grads in the News: Frank Arnold, DFA-Tax Services Specialist, MFA

Frank Arnold of Woodville, Ontario completed Knowledge Bureau’s Use of Trusts in Tax and Estate Planning course while pursuing his Master Financial Advisor - Retirement and Succession Services Specialist credentials. He explained why lifelong learning is essential in the tax and financial services: “I feel that learning never really ends. Rules and legislative changes are created constantly, therefore, giving up on learning means giving up on valuable expertise.”

Canada’s Future Lies in the North

Almost 40 per cent of Canada is north of the 60th parallel. But how many Canadians in the South truly understand northern issues, or the riches of the North, its unique, fragile ecology and centuries of Inuit, Dene and northern First Nations traditions? Senator Patricia Bovey will be providing important economic and social insights as the closing keynote speaker at the Distinguished Advisor Conference next week.

The Changing Face of Charitable Giving in Canada

According to recent tax filing statistics, charitable giving has been on the decline in Canada – except in Manitoba! But that doesn’t mean that generosity ceases to exist. Philanthropic investment trends are changing, and people are giving back in new and different ways. That provides an important opportunity for advisors to help clients with a philanthropic conversation, while deepening their own professional fulfillment.

Knowledge Bureau Launches 7 New Online Courses

Against the backdrop of high interest rates, complex tax changes and an economic climate that’s increasingly volatile, Knowledge Bureau has given professionals in the tax and financial services industry more tools to cope with their clients’ questions. With seven newly updated tax courses launching November 1, it’s an opportunity to enhance your education before year-end.

Graduates in the News: Michael Akpan, DFA

Michael Sunday Akpan of Akpan Corporation in Orleans, Ontario, graduated from the DFA – Bookkeeping Services Specialist Program and enthusiastically shared how this education has helped him reach new goals in his business: “I am successful because I have a vision for a better life. I have the power to do something incredible!”

RESP: A Key to Closing the Poverty Gap

Statistics show that small children who grow up with the expectation they will take higher education will reach those aspirations, and this is likely the key to breaking the poverty cycle in Canada. The Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) can help, but governments and the private sector need to do more coaching with parents, because educational aspirations begin with them.
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