DAC:  A Strategic Look at The Crossroads of Change in The Financial Services

At a time when governments are more closely monitoring changes in global GDP growth, the effect of protectionism, rising commodity prices, currency fluctuations and sluggish business investment and their effects on the long-term financial well-being of Canadians, the 21st century wealth advisor needs to better understand the strategy behind the tax efficient investment recommendations made to the families he or she works with.  That’s the key reason why attendance at DAC is critical to your success.

NEW!  Stay onside with CRA with a New Certificate in Advanced Payroll Preparation

The technical side of payroll, if done incorrectly, can cost both the employer and the employee unnecessary and unexpected tax remittances, interest and penalties from the Canada Revenue Agency. You can be the professional to solve these concerns by starting a new certificate course online this week.

DAC Tackles Financial Advice at Crossroads of Change

The headlines around the world have been intense and for some, disturbing, over the last several weeks as borders have closed and diversity, financial and judicial systems have been challenged by change.  What does the future hold for Canadian investors and their advisors as a result of this uncertainty? 

After Basic Bookkeeping, Advanced Bookkeeping Is the Logical Next Step

Knowledge Bureau’s Advanced Bookkeeping for Multiple Business course is the logical next step for any bookkeeper to up their game and forge ahead in their career.

DAC 2017: Addressing Financial Adversity And Diversity

After an eventful two weeks in global politics and economics, the theme for the 2017 Distinguished Advisor Conference (DAC) appears to be squarely on point: Financial Advice at the Crossroads of Change.

NEW: T2 Tax Preparation for Professional Practices

If your goal is to shore up your corporate tax preparation knowledge on preparing returns for professional corporations, you will want to enrol in this new online certificate course from Knowledge Bureau, which has a special focus on the needs of clients who are financial advisors and medical practitioners.

ADVANCED PERSONAL TAX UPDATE: Thanks to all our students and sponsors!

Knowledge Bureau’s Distinguished Advisor Workshop series for January 2017, focused on advanced personal tax update finished in Winnipeg, Manitoba on January 25th.  The team at Knowledge Bureau would like to extend our gratitude to all our students who attended - your participation makes this a success.
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