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Has digital disruption increased the value of your services to your clients? Please tell us how it's impacted your specific field of work.


Yes, It have am impact on bookkeeping services to be at a more professional level by completing the full process.


By Ina on May 21, 2019

We have developed a platform that matches Canadian investors to financial advisors based on qualitative variables. Investors can ask tough questions as they interview their next advisor begins the protection of anonymity. Advisors compete for new business using quality answers and cometary.

By Robert Irwin on May 19, 2019

Certainly, digital disruption is “packaged” with the services I offer to my clients.  There is no way to avoid the disruption completely because it provides an easier alternative to limit face-to-face communication. Sometimes it’s advantageous, other times not so.  However, my clients place a high value on the face-to-face relationship because it gives them the opportunity to discuss and share other important information that may impact future services. Quite often I have to visit clients due to sickness, disability, other personal reasons, as well as small businesses. So, overall digital disruption does increase the value of the services I offer to my clients.

By Trevor Hitchman on May 15, 2019

Digital Disruption…Not usually.. As I am based in a rural community and our internet is not fabulous.. I advise majority of my clients to stay away from using/relying on ONLINE softwares, etc..  I only use desktop applications.. and do not believe it is in my or my clients best interest to rely upon Cloud based solutions… they are often not as robust as desktop and do not give an additional value.. in my humble opinion.
Clients prefer a one on one experience with me.. I actually do site visits as part of my client retention initiative.. I am one person practitioner who does not advertise and my business grows constantly from word of mouth regarding my personal service. I am not in this business to become rich… I enjoy helping people.  Do I use internet ? of course.. we all do… but other than filing by CRA deadlines.. nothing is crucial… it is just paperwork and we need to put things into perspective.

By Rachel Thibodeau Parlee on May 09, 2019

Digital “disruption”? No, it has not increased the value of my services.  It’s quite frustrating actually and when the client comes to me, it’s mostly to convey the dissatisfaction and nuisance of an experience they had.  Does it make me out to be the hero afterwards then? No, not really. It’s very disappointing and even an insult to the human intelligence, in my humble opinion - Lil

By Lilian Da Silva on May 01, 2019

Absolutely.  Digital and online services has considerably increased our services and value added for clients.  From online accounting to iFirm Portal for T1, T2, T3 and file storage.

Can’t wait for the next big thing

By ADAMS and Associates Ltd on May 01, 2019

People and mainly my clients value the one-to-one meetings and attention as they can ask questions which I know the answer to taking into account their personal situation.

By Jila Mott on May 01, 2019