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► Economic update: Dispelling global uncertainty

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Poll Question: Should governments increase taxes on investment income dividends and capital gains to increase revenues and meet their responsibilities?

DISTINGUISHED PRACTICES: Tips for Real Wealth Managers™: Broader interpretation of transfer pricing

Did You Know? Legislation in both official languages

Tax Tips: How the CRA is helping small business

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Featured Book: Master Your Money Management

Featured Web Tools: Featured Program: EverGreen Explanatory Notes

Featured Book:

Master Your Money Management

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Master Your Money Management
By: Jim Ruta

It's a new financial world, it needs new thinking. Time was that the financial advisor had all the control in your business relationship. Consumers just followed along. Today, there's just too much at stake to leave it all to chance. While you can't possibly do it all yourself anymore, you must be well informed about how the financial advice business works so you can make it work for you. If you don't, it could just work against you. It doesn't have to be that way.

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