Last updated: April 16 2008

Andrew and His Team Reach Base Camp!

Andrew Brash Update

As last week's Breaking Investment News was making it's way to you, Andrew Brash, Knowledge Bureau Faculty member was arriving at base camp on the Nepal side of Mt. Everest.

Unlike the Tibetan side, the journey to base camp in Nepal is largely done on foot.

ìI had lots of time to think today, about what happened in 2006 (I could even see the last bit of the North Ridge for a moment), about the political events that have brought me and others here, and about home and what I am putting people through back there. However, there were some moments today where I did feel truly happy and excited to be here. The mountains here have to be seen in person to be truly appreciated.î Andrew writes in his online expedition dispatch.

The Nepal base camp is 5300m above sea level and only the beginning of the challenges facing Andrew and his team.

We will continue to feature an ongoing update on his climb as part of Breaking Tax and Investment News or you can track his progress by visiting his website for live updates from the expedition.

Stay tuned for updates!