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Large Business Solutions

Consider Knowledge Bureau your firm’s path to continuing professional development. Knowledge Bureau is the only educational institution in Canada with the experience and expertise to bring world-class financial education in multiple disciplines to your organization on a turn-key basis. We will customize instructional content to your unique needs while integrating your well-known brand into a prestigious national academic program.

Small Business Solutions

Work with Knowledge Bureau to deliver a resource-smart educational plan designed to lead your team to better results. Whatever the size of your employee group or association, we’ll position an existing program that fits your continuing professional development needs, your budget and your schedule. Volume discounts are available.

Knowledge Bureau is your source for world-class customized financial learning. We’re a national educational institution with the experience and expertise to tailor upskill solutions to the unique needs of your employees, associates, and professionals from all disciplines who work on financial solutions with clients.

Led by Evelyn Jacks, a pioneer in educating and certifying tax-astute wealth advisors, Knowledge Bureau has partnered with some of Canada’s leading financial firms and organizations. We currently deliver hundreds of continuing professional development courses in online and in-class format to companies of various sizes across Canada.

We can help you, too, get great training results with consistently high standards.

Partner Experience

Evelyn Jacks and her team of experts at the Knowledge Bureau have been a significant part of the success of Dynamic’s award winning Snapshots program. Snapshots is an online resource centre helping advisors provide customized and personalized advice and resources to clients at various life changing events. Evelyn and her team provided valuable in depth advisor education courses on a variety of the life events covered including Leaving a Job, Ailing Parent, Home Ownership and Disability. Their continuing education accredited courses have been taken by thousands of advisors across Canada who are interested in strengthening their relationships with clients by offering holistic advice as their clients’ lives change.

—Yasminka Marcus | Senior Manager | Education, Wholesale & Advisory, Dynamic Funds